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This is where you will find updates, activity checks and other important things you need to know about in the moment from the staff.
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Important Information
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All of the must reads about AoM lies within. Read everything here before making your character and hop into the c-box or PM a staff member if you have any questions!
last post by Vixen in 04. Species on Apr 27 2017, 07:34 PM.
Character Records
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After reading all the threads in the Important Information board, this is where you will come to make your character. All character applications will be posted here and will go through our pending and acceptance process. All accepted profiles and the application can be found here.
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Want some plots? Romance, friends, enemies? This is the place to be! Come set up your plot thread and post in others! You can also find wanted ads, clubs, and other behind the scenes things in this area. One thread per member only! You may not make a plotter until you are accepted, but you are free to post in others until then.
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Mazi Academy
Main Building
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The heart of Mazi Academy, this is where all of the classrooms are located, as well as the main office, faculty offices, and other locations for on-site education functions. While spacious and large, it is not the biggest building on-campus.
last post by Alice Shapira in After School Frustrations on Apr 8 2017, 01:41 AM.
Activity Grounds
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This is one of the largest parts of the academy, filled with various spaces meant for the sports and clubs, as well as the library, health center and more. Essentially, students use this space for training, studying and for a few recreational activities in case they're bored.
last post by Rhys Bowyn in A Lack of Shelf Awareness on Apr 3 2017, 06:44 PM.
Campus Living
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Set up with beautiful architecture and landscaping, this is where the students can live on campus. The dorms are not co-ed and students are not required to live here, but the setups are like small studio apartments,
last post by Amadeo Haylett in Video Games? on Today at 04:57 pm.
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Located behind the main building of Mazi Academy, this courtyard is filled to the brim with luscious flora as well as fountains and other garden accessories. Amid the greenery, many students of the academy can be found, likely relaxing during their break periods or studying as hard as possible before their next test.
last post by Toby Summers in unlikely friends on Apr 10 2017, 04:16 PM.
Occulte City
Town Square
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The center of the town, most, if not all, of its events are held here, such as holiday festivities and the dropping of the ball on New Years' Eve. Town Hall is here as well, and not only is it the social center for events, it is also the workplace of government officials and the like. Many high-class businesses are lucky enough to stake a claim on the corner, and one will feel their wallet becoming lighter if they happen to stop in on one of these shops.
last post by DEIRDRE MADDEN in Way too far on 50 minutes ago.
Residential District
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This district of Occulte has one faced with several homes; many are affordable and nice-looking, with a very modern feel to their architecture. It's not difficult to attain a home here, and many people are used to the idea of outgoing neighbors. Don't be afraid if you have the occasional knock at the door, because it's probably someone next door welcoming you to the neighborhood!
last post by Jordan Taylor in We're Off to See the Ro... on Today at 08:32 pm.
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Feeling a little indulgent tonight? Occulte has its fair share of clubs and somewhat shady establishments for anyone to splurge their hard-earned money on. Bars and nightclubs are a big part of the nightlife and they can be found aplenty here, with no particular joint winning out over others. They're all fair game, an adult playground - or a playground for any daring enough to forge a fake ID.
last post by Azaelia Archer in What a Day on Apr 19 2017, 02:52 AM.
Recreational District
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Also known as the 'Date District', this section of town is just the location for one deciding where to take their partner on a romantic outing. There's golfing, a theatre, a park - the list goes on, and the ideas are endless. Even if you're alone, it's still a good idea to come here and unwind from a tough day at work or at the academy.

Subforums: The Mall, The Park
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The Natures
Khthon Mountains
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Rough and rugged, these mountains loom over Occulte City and Mazi Academy almost threateningly. There are many rumors surrounding them, as no one has been up to the impressive peaks of the Khthon Mountains, and there are several ongoing dares and bets towards those who brag that the mountains aren't that impressive. However, one will find there are several secrets to find in these mountains, such as a forest and a glimmering pool.
last post by LORNA GALLAGHER in RISE UP on Apr 23 2017, 11:53 PM.
Ektos Beach
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Beautiful and calming, Ektos Beach remains one of the popular tourist spots in Occulte. With the sound of the waves slapping against the sand, it's no wonder that many will come here during the evening, but it's not odd at all to find many here during the day for the sake of tanning and swimming as well. There's a boardwalk here, for fishing and the carnival that is permanently placed on the massive docks.

Subforums: Boardwalk, Jersea Shore
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Out of Character
Ads & Affs
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Guest Friendly!

This is the advertising and affiliation board. Please, no spamming, nothing too graphic, and don't stretch the boards! We accept all forum style advertisements: Jcink, Invisionfree, Proboards, Freeforums, etc.
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Member's Corner
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You can play forum games here! There is also an art board for testing graphics and a chatting board for a topic you might want to keep going. New here or taking a break from the site? This is where you’ll post those hello and hiatus threads!
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This is where you can find everything old. Archived profiles, in character threads, out of character threads, etc.
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