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 Lets get physical, Lux and Moe
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Posted On: Jun 8 2017, 08:47 PM
Devyn sighed as she walked into the gyms yoga classroom, only slightly encumbered by her yoga matt, water bottles, gym bag, and towel. As she plopped her things down she did a small sweep of the room.

“c’mon, Devyn everyone is here for the same thing, yoga.” She assured herself as she set her things up she wasn’t exactly thrilled to be there admittedly, her friend had convinced her to try the class out saying that she’s sure she would “benefit from it” and of course, Devyn didn’t want to say no. So here she was, in a classroom with a whole bunch of strangers who have probably been doing yoga for some time, and are probably going to be a hell of a lot more flexible that she is and-

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes for a moment, she was freaking herself out again. She tied her hair into a ponytail and looked around again before sitting on her mat and taking her phone out to work on some last minute song lyrics to pass the time before the class actually started.
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