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 Takes One Memory, Tati | Ru
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Posted On: Apr 6 2017, 02:55 AM

It had been a long day, and frankly Aiden had considered retiring straight to bed for an evening of wallowing whilst looking through glass before he heard from Tati. The young man still felt that flutter, that slight fear mixed with thrill whenever he heard from her, but he didn't exactly expect her to call and essentially announce she was coming over. It was out of the usual for her, but it was also out of the usual for Mika to have someone he was even slightly interested in so Aiden could understand Tati getting out of their home for a little while so Mika could... do whatever it was that Mika did with people he claimed not to like while he liked them. Aiden didn't claim to fully understand his long-time friend when it came to affairs of the heart.

Not that Aiden was one to talk when it concerned the heart. The more he thought about being alone with Tati the more he was nervous, terrified he was going to do or say something entirely foolish. Worse, he could give away how he felt in some simple action and then have to suffer the wrath of his long time friend when he realized that Aiden was feeling things for his younger sister. If only he hadn't been there for that party then he'd never have learned Tati's true feelings and his eyes wouldn't have been opened and... Groaning to himself Aiden let his head fall to his desk where all of his work was still littered here and there. Of all the futures he'd peered into, he's glad he didn't have to see one without Tati or even one without that event that he constantly cursed. It wasn't her he was upset with of course. It was himself. His frustration that when she didn't remember what happened he couldn't own up and admit what was going on within his mind.

There was a little song from the glass figurine Odette on his desk and Aiden laughed, straightening himself and running his hands through his hair. "Alright, alright I'm done. I'm done wallowing I swear. After all, she's going to be here any moment and I can't show her that kind of expression." In spite of his worries, Aiden tried to flash a little smile for Odette to appease the familiar. She seemed contented and glinted a little rainbow in the light, not speaking a word. She was a peculiar little familiar with her tendency to be silent even though she could speak, but Aiden appreciated that about her. She seemed to radiate a silent wisdom. She certainly helped calm him when he let his mind run away with his thoughts. The calm almost stayed when he heard the door and a little rush of nerves swept back in.

A little too quickly, Aiden rushed to the door. His felt the way he completely disheveled himself in the mad dash and suddenly felt like a fool for needing to smooth over his hair. His tie had been dragged out, loosened in a way that made him embarrassed, but he didn't exactly have time to pristine retie it. Cringing internally he opened the door with a smile and said, "So you're going to elaborate more on why you have to hide out here, right?"
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Posted On: Jul 27 2017, 01:49 PM

Maybe she shouldn't have done it, it wasn't her place, she'd really-- Of course she should have done it. If she hadn't who knows how long Mikhail would have danced around his incredibly obvious feelings. She gently squashed down her guilt, reminding herself that Mika had been neglecting his own happiness to focus on taking care of her. So she did what any good younger sister would do, she planned an ambush.

When the man he brother had a very, very painfully obvious crush on had shown up at their apartment she was the one to let him in, using that as her chance to slip out. She flashed a bright smile to the man on his way to her brother's apartment, calling out an overly cheerful goodbye as she got out of there, hearing her brother’s raised voice yelling at her as she was hurrying down the stairs, only pausing to call out in Russian, "Good luck Mika!"

It was a sincere wish. She felt guilty, but also hoped and prayed for her brother to have a wonderful, relaxing evening. Maybe finally gain the courage to talk about his feelings. Meanwhile her own heart was pounding as she reminded herself that she was going to Aiden's. She really had no room to talk about unrequited pining, considering the crush she’d had on Aiden for years. Thinking about him and his soft smile had her hands trembling as she boarded a bus to get to the area Aiden lived in.

She settled in for the short ride, considering what she should bring. Knowing Aiden he'd completely forgotten to eat and Tatiana smiled as she made a quick order to Aiden's favorite takeout place. It meant getting off the bus a little earlier and walking, but it was good for her legs. Sometimes they were stiff and ached, and Mika was way too protective to let her push them. But she needed to push them a little.

After picking up the food, Tatiana made her way to Aiden's, smiling at the neighbors on her way before knocking sharply on Aiden's door. She felt a familiar flutter as she waited for him, happy her hands were occupied with the takeout so she didn't feel the need to wring them from the building nerves. When he opened the door, she felt the usual telltale thump in her chest and just smiled warmly back at him.

She laughed at his question, "Mika's been beating around the bush with someone he likes. I took it upon myself to intervene." She still felt that little ping of guilt, but nudged it aside as a necessary evil. "I invited his … Friend over to make dinner and I couldn't stay there during their date." She put the food on the table and turned back to Aiden, trying her hardest to ignore the steady pounding in her chest every time she looked at him. It wasn't working so far. "I-I figured maybe you'd be on my side in case Mikhail comes looking for my head. We both want what's best for Mika after all."

After all, the only reason Aiden spent so much time with her was his long friendship with Mika.

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