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 Oops I Guess, Russell | Vix
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  • Russel Northe
Posted On: Jan 17 2017, 03:13 AM

Sometimes he wasn't sure what he was doing with his life... Miles sighed and rubbed his temples, trying to will some focus into his brain to no avail. It had been an hour since he sat down at his desk to study and every moment had been a wasted attempt to retain even the most basic information. The young man wondered idly if it was because he dreaded meeting his thus far missing roommate, or maybe it was that he wasn't completely at ease with the truths that he'd learned of himself before leaving home. Hell, it could have even been that he had no idea what career he wanted to strive for... Thinking about all the things it could possibly be made it worse though. Grunting his frustration he flipped his textbook closed and pulled off his glasses. "Not right now then," he whispered to himself in irritation.

He let his gaze sweep through the empty dorm and considered what he should do. It took him a moment before any clear thought rang through the chaos of his head. Honestly he was feeling more and more like he'd left his brain back home. Placing his glasses at the center of the desk, not entirely on purpose but out of a routine of orderliness, he got up and shuffled off towards the bathroom. A half an hour of letting the water beat down on his head as little scales formed and dissolved made him feel surprisingly better. Water always did have a soothing effect on his nerves, which he supposed was a trait he'd inherited from the parents he never knew...

Strolling out of the bathroom in a puff of steam, Miles shivered. It felt refreshing, the blast of cool air on his prickling skin. Normally he'd immediately cover himself- he didn't know what possessed him to feel so comfortable in what was meant to be a community space. Then again, Miles figured he was making up for the time he'd have to feel more restricted- the time when his roommate would finally be there and make him feel claustrophobic and nervous constantly. He ran his fingers through his hair. Thus far he'd only shared the dorm with a cat-- it struck Miles as peculiar but he tried not to read into it too much. The company of animals was another thing that tended to make him feel a little better, and he didn't exactly want the cat to disappear suddenly and leave him completely alone and unsettled...

Miles shook his head and felt water droplets free themselves from his hair and land on his shoulders. He shivered a little and tried to pry his mind away from the constant turmoil to refocus on the things he needed to do. Before getting dressed he strolled back over to his desk and leaned over to glance at his textbooks once more. The young man flipped to the page he had been working on before, slipped on his glasses for a moment, and read a few lines to test his focus. After finding his ability to retain it a little more he removed the glasses and placed them on the open page, then he went back towards his little dresser so he could get dressed. He didn't notice the cat, didn't hear any shuffling.
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Posted On: Apr 5 2017, 01:19 PM


It had been a fun game in the last several weeks! Staying shifted and sprawling out across the apartment-like dorm room like it was his place to live-- and it was, really. It was his dorm and it was his cute roommate walking around that he did enjoy the company of. Honestly, he preferred this form over his human form and right now it was paying off, getting to see his roommate's nice ass. He purred softly at the thought as he slipped his way into the other's room, hearing the water running in the bathroom. He settled himself down just beneath the bed and wrapped his tail around his paws, waiting patiently.

Russ nearly fell asleep in the half an hour that passed on by until Miles came out of the shower, and the bright red feline peeked out from under the bed with his ears pricked forward in clear interest. Cute butt, cute butt... That wasn't the only thing he liked looking at, but really, he liked it the most. He had an aesthetic appreciation for nice butts and Miles had one, so why wouldn't he appreciate it?

With easy stealth, the shifter leaped up onto the bed and landed softly, strolling the length of the bed and kneading at the pillow, turning on it several times before sinking down into it. His purr kicked up loudly and deciding it was time to break the silence. In the last couple weeks, all he'd done was purr and meow, and why would he do anything else? It was normal for a cat after all. But it was about time that Miles knew his soulmates had been there the whole time... and had seen him naked on several occasions. Hopefully Miles didn't think he was crazy seeing a talking cat.

"I ever tell you that you have a cute butt?"

  • 21 yrs
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  • Russel Northe
Posted On: May 7 2017, 07:01 PM

Picking out what to wear was a much easier affair for Miles when he didn't have to worry about being overly presentable. Maybe if he was constantly surrounded by company he'd stress a little more about it but as he poked through all of his belongings he realized he really didn't mind wearing the older, over-sized, or even distressed clothing that frankly looked like it should be in the trash bin. One of Miles' favorite things was an old sweater that looked about two sizes too large and it had little holes in the sleeves he tended to slip his thumbs through- so naturally that was the first item he pulled out and placed on top of the dresser. It wasn't until after he'd picked out everything else that Miles heard a voice that practically made him jump out of his skin. Turning around in shock the young man yelped a little at the cat talking to him, then immediately realized how bare he was. A bright red flush had consumed his face as Miles tried to cover himself best he could shouting, "I BEG YOUR PARDON?"

Trying to say anything else was so overwhelmingly difficult the instant Miles' mind filled in the blanks. The cat wasn't a cat. The cat was a shifter. The shifter cat was his roommate and more importantly had seen Miles naked so many times already! To a certain extent Miles couldn't even be angry at his roommate more than angry at himself. The young man had made a foolish assumption and became too comfortable too quickly, so of course he held some fault in the entire ordeal... but then... This damned cat could have said something earlier instead of being such a lecherous bastard! Face still dreadfully read from embarrassment, Miles quickly pulled on at least some underwear and his over-sized sweater. The young man still felt exposed, but couldn't seem to put enough presence of mind together to fully dress. Not that it mattered in the long run since what secrets did he even have anymore?

"You have got a lot of nerve making your first words to me so base!" Crossing his arms and glaring down at the cat- he was arguing with a cat, god what had his life come to- Miles tried to sound more confident than he felt. "I--- You're the worst person I've ever met why are you in my space right now you disgusting pervert?!"
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Posted On: May 24 2017, 01:17 PM

Russ was enjoying his view, honestly, because there was always something lovely about seeing an attractive man's bare ass, what could he say? There was an amuse expression on his face, seen in the way his whiskers twisted on his muzzle, from the way Miles seemed to freak out over the fact that there was a talking cat on his pillow. He purred softly from his place and almost rolled his eyes. "I saaaaaaaid..." he dragged it out, seeming completely unphased by Miles' explosion, "that you have a cute butt! It's a good compliment you know. Butts are one of my aesthetics." Honestly, though, I'm bright red, how could you have not known?

Stretching out, the feline rolled over onto his back and peeked out the corner of his eye, extending his paws in their air above him. "Honestly, I thought you knew! Have you ever seen a normal cat red as a stoplight?" Shifters were notorious for their odd colors, but he wasn't saying that this was his fault in the slightest. In good conscience, he should've said something to Miles, he really should have, because now he honestly looked like a bad person. "I didn't mean any harm. They're... just body parts."

Rolling over again now that Miles was fully dressed, Russel shifted forms on the edge of the bed, revealing his small but lanky human form, his bright hair tousled a bit. "I can leave if you want, but... I'm still your roommate, so I'm not goin' very far!" His bright, stupid grin was glaringly obvious from where he was sitting. "But, uh... I am sorry. I didn't mean to upset you. You just... didn't really seem like you wanted to meet me for real."

There was a pause.

"You're still really cute, though."

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