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 Going out on a limb, open
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When in doubt, smile. It confuses people.
Posted On: Jul 18 2017, 08:20 PM

I might only have one match
but I can make an explosion
Life on the east coast was.. different. Although Ave wasn't sure if that was because of the nearby beach, or that the people were so very much unlike the tribe. The few she'd met were polite. But that was likely the problem -- she hadn't met many people at all.

When she wasn't going to classes at the university, she was hiding in her apartment. It was probably to be expected, she supposed. She'd always been exceptionally awkward when meeting new people, she'd never had anything remotely resembling a friend, and her social skills were rusty. ..Okay, so they were actually completely nonexistent.

But doing nothing save hunkering down in her apartment -- cute, quaint, and airy as it may be -- was slowly driving her insane. She found herself crouched in the seat of the bay window more often than she cared to admit to herself, staring longingly toward the glimpses of greenery in the near distance that signified the park's location. Finally, that afternoon, she couldn't take it anymore. She had to go be in nature, if only for a little while.

The wind seemed to caress her face and run its fingers through the earth-colored strands of hair which had escaped from her hip-length braid, drawing a soft sigh of contentment from the pint-sized shifter, which quickly became a low, thrumming purr. Every step of her feet was accompanied by the quiet slapping sound of the flip-flops she wore, even as she ventured off the path and onto the thick grass that surrounded it. Her golden eyes were fixed on her ultimate destination, which loomed before her: A large, many-limbed tree, just begging to be climbed.

Who was she to deny it?

Her flip-flops soon found a new home dropped aimlessly amidst the large arching roots, her bare toes briefly digging into the soil while her hands began to run over the rough bark of the ancient tree. A quiet growl was lost in the sound of children playing nearby as her fingers curved, and then Averille was scrambling up the trunk of the tree as easily as any squirrel -- or cat, in her case.

Moments later, she was perched on a low branch, the thinner end dipping slightly beneath her weight as her nails, ever so slightly hardened and elongated into something resembling claws, dug into the bark, sending small pieces cascading to the earth nearly fifteen feet below. A smile spread across her lips, revealing small fangs, as she imagined how she must look.. like some tiny, unintimidating gargoyle, crouched there in the sun-dappled shade. Not that anyone saw her, she suspected. She was easy to overlook even when she wasn't hidden by branches.

Not that she cared. She was used to being alone. After a time, solitude became peaceful.

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Posted On: Aug 9 2017, 09:26 PM
Going Out On a Limb
Running was an important part of Kara's life. She needed to stay stunning after all and nothing looked better than the toning running gave. There was one thing she did not like about running though...and it was the whole 'putting one foot in front of the other quickly' bit. Running itself was a miserable blight upon this world. The results? Wonderful, less bulky than swimming but substantial enough to make a difference. The act? Horrible. Sticky and stinky. Tiring and mind numbing. Kara, with her hyperactive mind, never was able to just run. She grabbed anything she could possibly could make a distraction out of and would speculate about it endlessly.

As she crossed through town she did quickfire people watching, everyone had lives just a little less interesting than her. One man was a dragon with an office job(she was pretty sure he actually was a dragon) but he went on long coast wide flights after work everyday, to meet with his friend wh-Oh no, this girl was more interesting. She looked like a Djinn. Now that would be wonderful to have as a friend. Those were the sorts of thoughts that occupied her, hypothetical dreams of mediocrity. But one person rose above that, if only just barely.

A girl flying up a tree was not very mediocre though. It was pretty incredible to watch, even if it was not flying up and down the coast, it was a comparable feat of freedom though. It grabbed Kara's interest and before she knew it she had stopped her run to watch the girl...the cat?...Both. There were plenty of shifters in the city and the university but Kara suddenly noted that she had not often seen them acting as animals in a way that wasn't practical. Bird shifters flew places...well, she was pretty sure they did, otherwise the city had a very vibrant biology. But now that she was thinking about it, they rarely did any of their shifting in public.

She walked closer, intrigued and impressed. Not every cat shifter was so good at acting like a cat did without being a cat. She couldn't let herself feel lesser though. Two steps back and one leap forward. She was in the tree, shaking it considerably. One more leap and the sound of snapping branches definitely was announcing her presence. "Hey there, that's a nice coat" she said, from considerably below the Averille. She was climbing...but not with any good technique, pure strength was keeping her from falling. "Damn it, how did you just clamber up this thing? she said frustrated.

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When in doubt, smile. It confuses people.
Posted On: Aug 11 2017, 01:03 PM

I might only have one match
but I can make an explosion
It was probably a testament to her level of distraction that Ave didn't even realize she was no longer alone until she suddenly felt her perch wobbling. An entirely inhuman and rather unladylike yowl escaped her throat as her fingers curled, digging her nails-turned-claws into the limb beneath her, barely avoiding going tumbling to the ground so far below. That was definitely something she wanted to avoid -- unlike most cats (or most cat shifters, for that matter), she had a tendency to very blatantly not land on her feet. Usually it was her back, which was not only pretty painful, but immensely embarrassing. And since she apparently had company, the last thing Averille wanted to do was humiliate herself.

Speaking of...

Hearing a voice soon after the precarious shaking of the tree, Ave ducked her head and peered, upside-down, between the gap formed by her arm and the side of her body. She saw a golden-haired figure working their way up the tree, albeit much more slowly and far more gracelessly than she had -- which was saying something, because the shifter was notoriously clumsy, and pretty much the only time she didn't seem like she had mismatched appendages was when she was climbing something. The question of how she climbed up so quickly made her blink, golden hues rounding owlishly, before she turned nimbly to face the newcomer.

"I like high places. You climb enough, you learn how to do it quickly."

Her voice was soft, sweet, reflective of her seemingly timid personality. Even now, she was edging back slowly, keeping a wary distance from the unknown person who was scaling her leafy haven. Despite this obvious uncertainty about a stranger gaining on her personal bubble, she was also clearly curious -- tilting her head in a noticeably feline gesture of interest, there was almost the impression of ears swiveling forward in question, even though she was wholly human in appearance at the time.

"..You.. don't strike me as the type who climbs trees often. Why are you climbing this one..?"

The query was followed by a puzzled trilling mew.

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