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 Herb Hunting
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Open Posted On: Jul 11 2017, 09:56 AM
Don't Be Fooled
I Was Raised By The Wolves
Coi would forever prefer the mountains over any other place in the world. The city was...fine, but there were far too many people there for her liking. The outdoors was where she felt most at home. Most at ease. Here the most she had to worry about was a random wild animal attack, but given her special abilities she did not feel as though that was much of a problem. She could scare even the largest animals away. A bear or mountain lion’s hide was nothing like the steel she’d been working through as of late to increase the strength of her powers. “Vanatas, are you serious right now?” Her voice echoed off the walls of the shop located beneath her home in the loft. The shop was closed today because she needed to go out and gather more herbs for teas and other herbal remedies many people seemed to adore around her. Currently the stray black cat she had taken in had jumped his way up onto her counter and knocked over the dried herbs from their place on the wall and had been rolling in them. “It’s not catnip you little turd.” Coi shooed the cat away and cleaned up the mess he’d made before scooting him out the door. Vanatas always came back when he got hungry and was hardly worried about him getting lost. He’d found her if anything.

Scarlet hair was pulled back into a loose ponytail at the nape of her neck, discontent with the idea of catching fleas or lice while going through her weekly wooded walk. Her outfit consisted of little more than jeans and a white t-shirt and boots fit for hiking. On her arm Coi carried a basket as she locked the front door and turned sharply off her porch - not bothering to follow the road leading up to her home. Instead, she merely walked into the trees and was suddenly gone from view. That’s how it always was with her. She didn’t much care for the hiking trails that ran all over the mountain side, too many people, and more often than not there was a werewolf or two running wild out here. She’d gotten fairly good at merely avoiding them. As long as she didn’t go looking for them they appeared content to leave her alone as well. The thick canopy of the mountain trees provided excellent shade and after all this time out in the wilderness she did not tire easily, walking across a downed log over a creek - taking a shortcut to the river. There she knew a lot of plants grew because the water was plentiful. Coi actually heard the waterfall at the pool of water she was aiming for long before she could actually see it. Some would frequent the area due to the natural beauty of it but thankfully the area appeared vacated for the time being.

Walking along the edge of the water green eyes caught several plants she needed, knowing they grew in thick quantities nearest this area. The time for picking the wild ginseng over the mountains was gone but thankfully she’d be filling tags soon on deer, boar, and coyote hunting soon enough. For now she’d have to make do with what she could sell with the plants. Kneeling down in a thick patch of tall grass Coi set the wicker basket aside and reached around back, pulling her shirt up slightly to get at the hidden hunting knife she carried with her at all times. There was plenty of white snakeroot and common yarrow growing around here. The snakeroot she needed for her tea’s and poultices. They sold relatively well for people who went hiking and weren’t watching their feet - only to end up getting bitten by something. It soothed the irritated skin around the puncture wound. In teas it worked well for treated diarrhea, kidney stones, and fever. The yarrow was good for tonic’s and aromatics. Her knife plunged into the dirt, cutting the roots up of the plant before tapping the remaining dirt away and placing it in her basket. After this she’d probably move upstream to where she saw horse chestnut and black cohosh growing.
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