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 Yandora's Box, luff my babies
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Posted On: Dec 22 2015, 10:16 PM
20 - MALE - SEVENTH YEAR - STONE ELEMENTAL Armed with a snotty disposition and the knowledge that he is better than you (which might be opinion), Bjor is not one to get along with easily. He might give you the time of day if you can prove you have enough money to afford it. He'll immediately start judging you if you so much as pass him. He especially takes clothing choices into consideration. Another factor that might lead to him ignoring you, of course. If you can manage to pass all of his judgement, congratulations, he will somewhat tolerate you.

By default, many people are Bjor's enemies. It's not really that he hates everyone, it's just his general outlook on society is terrible. His opinion is definitely screwed up, considering he rarely left his family home. He's a stranger to the school and the very country it's in. That means that he's going to have some issues adapting to how things work. I pity whoever accompanies him on his explorations of the city around him.

20 - MALE - SEVENTH YEAR - WOLF SHIFTER Lucian is a wolf shifter with a complete inability to be subtle. He's witty and definitely sarcastic, not really taking any subject seriously unless it's something worth being serious about (aka, himself). He flirts and seduces with complete disregard for feelings and commitment. He applied to the academy as a so called punishment from his family, but really he'll just keep doing the same thing he always does, a whole bunch of nothing. If anyone managed to get in a real relationship with him, they'd have to keep watch on him, he's bound to run around behind their back.

Though he may seem insensitive (and he definitely has a reputation for it), he can read the emotions of others pretty well. He can see when someone is falling for his words or if he needs to try a different approach. He has a seemingly never-ending amount of energy he greets every day with, and many compare him to a puppy in that aspect. He does become quite a fearsome beast when he shifts, though. Don't let the look fool you, though. If you scratch behind the left ear, he'll melt into your hands.

1000+ - MALE - MUSICIAN - DJINN Sol is an ancient Djinn over a thousand years of age, he possesses an unlimited amount of knowledge on affairs of the past. He's not really into that anymore, though. These days he lives his ideal lifestyle. Internet and naps. Occasionally playing the violin. He's terrible at the violin, but he made it into a job anyways. His apartment is small, cramped, and very messy. He wouldn't have it any other way, really. He lives the most average life someone can live, if you subtract the closet full of ancient magical artifacts. He's become extremely apathetic about most affairs, and only finds entertainment in doing nothing.

It's not that he doesn't have emotions, it's just he's heard and seen pretty much every dramatic scenario/story out there. He views his own past as incredibly dull, and getting him to even say a word about it takes some effort. He's masterless as it is, but doesn't really care much about getting a master anymore. His attitude about getting a master in general is "If the opportunity shows up, why not". Otherwise, he won't go actively searching. He doesn't go actively anything, really.

26 - MALE - KNITTER/GUITARIST - HUMAN The human guitarist of an up and coming band, Cole is not the person you'd expect him to be. He's almost like an old woman trapped in a man's body. He likes it that way, though. He's a professional knitter and crocheter (that's his job), and he does baking on the side. He struggles with relaxation, he has to be doing something productive with his time or he panics. He plays the acoustic and the electric guitar, and as previously mentioned is in a band. His bandmates tenderly refer to him as "Grandma", a nickname he pretty much encourages and was deserved because he loves to spoil his friends.

He can't really fit in with what people would consider the average youth, for his age he has a very out-dated set of hobbies. He even has a knitting circle with some old women at a local elderly home. He lives by himself in his Grandmother's old house, and he hasn't changed the decorations at all, save for his room. He wears clip-on ears and a tail to fit in with his band, which consists of supernatural creatures. He doesn't really mind. Cole's generally very stoic, he feels emotions but isn't good at expressing them. He doesn't like fighting or arguing, and tries his hardest to be a peace-maker.

31 - MALE - COMPOSER/GRAVE DIGGER - MUTANT Most composers are... well, composed. You should really call Markus a decomposer... Get it... because... yeah. An Austrian mutant with the ability of Necromancy, he moved to the US because... well, his former fiance attempted to murder him. Yeahhh. He spends a lot of his time in a cemetery, where he works as a grave digger. He uses this as a method of practicing his Necromancy. His current goal is to create the world's first undead orchestra.

It's been put to a halt recently, because of someone cough LEONARD cough has been refusing to play the bassoon. Otherwise, he tries his best to accommodate without the bassoon. His abilities only allow for only an hour of practice, and that hour has been spent arguing with a guy's corpse over the bassoon. Yeah, he's pretty content with where he is right now.
128 - MALE - ROBOTICIST - INCUBUS Malik Celestine is an incubus who's really more interested in robots and robot-related subjects than actual people. He only leaves the comfort of his lab if he needs to feed, and even then he sometimes waits until he's completely starving to head out. He's incredibly anti-social, despite his species. He generally isn't interested in a topic unless it relates to robots. On the topic of robots, he considers himself to be a father to every robotic creation he makes. He's definitely tried to feel less lonely by creating human-like robots, and he seems content with this, but the guy seriously needs an actual living person to talk to and convince him to not starve himself before considering going outside

He's stoic most of the time, and is often very blunt and to the point when talking to people. A majority of the time when he socializes, he wants the conversation to end as quickly as possible. It's simply easier that way. He does assume a seductive persona when he feeds, in an effort to make the process go quicker. Then it's back to being a reclusive nerd who build robots all day. Such is the life of Malik Celestine.

22 - MALE - EIGHTH YEAR - MUTANT A mutant with the ability to disappear before anyone's eyes (with the exception of cats), Jamie DeJameson has essentially given up on trying to socialize or form relationships with anyone (except cats). He attends Mazi Academy, and has to constantly prove that he actually showed up for school. He's actually got a gift for academics, but he can't really prove it because no one can watch him for more than a minute before wondering where he went-

Where did he go?

175 - MALE - SERVANT - DJINN When you first meet Anton, he seems like an uptight and polite butler. In many aspects, he is. However, when someone tests the loyalty between him and his master, they'll find out Anton carries a disturbing amount of obedience to them. He's got the blood of many past masters on his hands, and wouldn't hesitate to end the lives of anyone who would distract his master.

He doesn't have a real job other than serving his master, and he simply spends his day following his master around and adjusting to their every need. That doesn't mean they don't disobey, however. Anton has a liking of punishment, he occasionally slips up on purpose in the hopes that he'll be punished for his actions. He's trash.

29 - FEMALE - GANGSTER - ANGEL Maggy has only been an angel for a few weeks. Because of this, she has no control of her abilities or wings. She runs around spreading her anger to other people and general being bitter to everyone she meets. She recently suffered the loss of her gang that she had considered her closest family, and so now she prefers to be by herself rather than put her faith into other people.

She did discover that she loves Takoyaki, however. It's her favorite food, and even though she doesn't need to eat she spends all her time and money feasting on Takoyaki. It can't really kill her anyways, so why not? She involves herself in gang violence occasionally, and may be interested in joining another gang. However, she refuses to lead.

25 - MALE - BARISTA - UNICORN Sam is a normal human being. Prosthetic arm aside, I mean. He works an average job in an average coffee shop, and is definitely NOT a unicorn. Unicorns get hunted and attacked, it's a good thing that he is definitely not a unicorn. Also, Sam is very grateful his name isn't something weird like Silent Bells. Nope, he is just Sam.

Are the hunters gone? Good.

Silent Bells is a unicorn who very much wishes he wasn't a unicorn. Ever since he was attacked by hunters and had his left arm completely removed, he's become intensely paranoid. He's also gone intensely into debt, seeing as fully functioning prosthetic arms aren't exactly cheap. He works at coffee cake cafe, and spends a majority of his time pretending that the Bells and unicorns as a whole don't exist. It's just safer that way, right?

39 - Male - Boss Man - Human As the CEO (or 'Boss Man' as he refers to it) of his family-run medical equipment company, you'd think Arthur Augustine would be a responsible, well-mannered adult capable of handling that kind of position.

You'd of thought wrong.

He's kind of irresponsible, though there are times where he can take his job carefully. Of course, his family takes priority above all that. What family, you ask? Why, his totally-legit-definitely-blood-related nephew, Eugene. Just because lil Eugenie is a spider shifter, doesn't mean they can't be related right? If you try to argue with him on this point, he will just stop listening to you.

Did I mention he has an incredibly weak heart? Something that came from his surrogate mother, except in his case it was much worse. He actually has a regulator embedded in his chest that keeps him from dying completely. This doesn't stop him from the occasional bout of unconsciousness, though.

96 - Male - Actor - Dragon Dragons, they exude power and dominance over all others. They're ancient and strong, and back down from no challenge.

Then there's Voids.

Born with the spookiest eyes of all time, Voids has not had a very fun time trying to make friends. As of right now, he's only had one constant companion throughout his life. A woman named Spoons, who passed away a few years ago. They were married and everything. He misses her quite a lot.

Voids uses the disturbing impact his eyes seem to have to act in horror movies, though he would prefer it if he could be one of the people running away, not the person chasing. When he's not working, he's cooped up in a house that was made for two people (and a child) that now only holds him in it. He's not really depressed, but he's not a ray of sunshine either. He's a bit fidgety, and is known to occasionally say rather odd things out loud. He's an actual WW2 veteran, too.

30 - Male - Mafioso - Centaur it dat boi
141 - Male - Archery Instructor - Dragon RYUU GA WAGA TEKI WO KURAU
636 - Female - Fuckboi Killer - Merfolk check yoself before she wrecks yoself
Looking for app links/soulmate status??? Look no further than my shamelessly plugged wanted ad!
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Posted On: Feb 2 2016, 04:54 PM
-throws Apollo at Bjor for enemies? Eventual friends? I think they would suck at getting along. Which can make things more interesting, eh?

-I would love a thread with the egg. I was thinking probably Snowy. Reading his history, I noticed you mentioning pretty much all his masters used his power for evil? I don't think it would escalate to that but what would happen if one of them used it for good/simplistic reasons? And has he ever had a best friend before or just a bunch of people that throw him around? Like Snowy would totally be his best friend. She likes being around "boring" people, it stresses her out less and I doubt she would abandon him over such a trivial thing as being insensitive/plain.

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Posted On: Feb 2 2016, 09:04 PM
QUOTE (Koz @ Feb 2 2016, 01:54 PM)
-throws Apollo at Bjor for enemies? Eventual friends? I think they would suck at getting along. Which can make things more interesting, eh?

-I would love a thread with the egg. I was thinking probably Snowy. Reading his history, I noticed you mentioning pretty much all his masters used his power for evil? I don't think it would escalate to that but what would happen if one of them used it for good/simplistic reasons? And has he ever had a best friend before or just a bunch of people that throw him around? Like Snowy would totally be his best friend. She likes being around "boring" people, it stresses her out less and I doubt she would abandon him over such a trivial thing as being insensitive/plain.

Bjor and Apollo being enemies, definitely. I can taste the salt from here.

As for egg and Snowy, I could see them having some kind of friendship. Sol has served under every morality under the sun, he doesn't really judge whether they're evil or not. If Snowy doesn't mind a bland egg, then they'll get along great!
OOC Account
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Posted On: Mar 6 2016, 08:25 PM
Lucian & Torment- I think we talked about this once ages and ages ago, but Lucian's inability to be subtle paired with Torment's inability to accept being flirted with is basically a recipe for fun shenanigans. They don't have to fall in love or anything if it doesn't work out, but it'd definitely be fun just to do.

Lyre & Bjor- another thing we talked about. Lyre is pretty and expensive. Bjor can flaunt him to show that he is rich and can have this pretty expensive thing. Lyre is kind of an asshole though and is definitely going to pick on Bjor's height/gayness like he ain't gay as hell himself

Bjor & Freddie- if a more obedient kind of djinn is your thing, Freddie is looking for a good master. There's a chance that he'll get royally fucked over by some other person before being able to hand himself off to a new master, but who know? Maybe that plot won't happen. I don't know for sure.
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Posted On: Mar 6 2016, 08:42 PM
Zuri x Lucian

Zuri would just totally run up to him and be like 'PUPPY! We besties forever!' xD

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Posted On: Mar 6 2016, 09:12 PM

Cole and Yaya
-Cole is an old soul. Yaya is really old. I think, if anything, they would at least be pretty good friends! They could sit on Yaya's porch, drink tea, and do their various activities. Yaya would read and Cole could knit! It would be really cute and domestic-y i think

Lucian and Sammy
-Sammy is flirty. He picks people up for work and for fun. There could be fun involved.

Lucian and [url=]Bluebells[/ulr]
-Bluebells is afraid of dogs. He's also very cute and wanders off in the forest a lot. He'd probably be really scared of Lucian because dogs. And he'd also he really scared of Lucian flirting with him. Because nope. He's not gay. He loves Pippa.

that's it

qvq i wanna thread with Egg but idk
who to throw at em
here's a link to my plotter! if you wanna check it out?
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Posted On: Mar 6 2016, 11:06 PM
Omg okay <3

Lucian + Shatine (ShaSha) : I'm making her bio in legit like a couple of minutes here but she's a little bunny shifter that is just very sweet and oblivious to most everything but can get super sassy when needed. I just feel like Lucian and her would have some cute moments together - maybe go father if you want to ^^

Bjor + Sora Both jackasses, loads of fun.

Also I would literally die if I could have one of my characters have any sort of relationship with grandma please and thank jfc.
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Posted On: Apr 10 2016, 10:25 AM
Pfft I can't- @Yandere

Okay so Calixia and Malik

Idk how they stumble across each other, but Cali would be such a lil' shit to this guy. As in, for no reason she would make him one of her 'regular' pranking victims. Like she would somehow find a way to hack into his 'bots programming and make them go all screwy, or would illusion his stuff so that they're invisible to him or look completely different.

I guess she'd be his enemy? She'd just view it as pranking though, and a fun way to piss him off. xD
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