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Open Posted On: Aug 5 2017, 04:16 AM
Hey, I was doing just fine before I met you.
I drink too much and that's an issue but I'm okay
Axel had already left the bar for the night, sick and tired of the scene filled with moping or loud drunks, feeling oddly as if he was being suffocated by their overbearing, loud presence. Usually it didn't bother him, but maybe that was just the shark's irritability getting to him. Straightening out the sleeves of his flannel, he let out a sigh and continued moving down the street, listening to the sounds of a club as he walked by, squeezing his nose in irritation at the smell coming from the place. Everyone in there was probably entirely unaware of their body odor at this point in the night.

Maybe it was just that he hadn't seen the Alabama beach in such a long time. He stared at the fountain with a down-trodden expression, fingers tapping on a flask as he watched the water flow with gusto, some love-struck teenagers playing carelessly in the water, falling over each other and being chased off by some law enforcement, both of them scattering, laughing.

He sighed, realizing just how homesick he felt. He absently nudged some broken concrete into a storm drain and stepped back up onto the sidewalk, shoulders rolling as he moved to stretch his back out. He was definitely homesick. "Well I'll be damned.. never thought I'd end up missin 'bama this hard." He found his self pressing a palm to his eye to catch some tears welling up so he could put a proper stop to his brain's start on a mental disaster.

With a laugh, he flopped down on a bench at a bus stop, legs tucked under the seat as he watched people pass by, listening to their conversations and... finding his self oddly hurt at the distinct lack of the drawl and twang of a southern accent. Taking another drink from the mystery fluid in his flask, he relaxed deeper into seat, stretching a foot out to look at the side of his boots to inspect them for... he hasn't decided what he's inspecting them for, but when he finds out, then he guessed he'd check for it.
No notes.
Hey, you tell your friends it was nice to meet them.
But I hope I never see them again
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