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 work of art, ama & kaiser
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Closed Posted On: Sep 2 2017, 11:21 PM

Why am I so nervous...? Something about this particular day seemed different than all the rest, but it wasn't his first art exhibit with Mazi Academy, so he couldn't quite figure out what was going on with whatever he was feeling. it was a strange tingling sensation that made his heart race a little bit. Not that it was at all unpleasant. Slightly uncomfortable, perhaps, but there was a odd warmth to it that made him smile a tiny amount any time he went to take a drink out of the champagne glass filled with nothing more than water. Something was off. He didn't know what, but he was rather curious if he'd find out.

Eden wandered around his various pieces of art hanging on the displays. Granted, they were just photographs. They weren't anything special like a beautiful painting or articulate sculpture, but they were his and he enjoyed them just as much as any other artist enjoys their own work. He was particularly fond of his photographs of his red-headed crush, however... and he seemed to hover near them a tad more than he did with any of the other ones, mostly because he loved staring at Kaiser's face and he could likely do that all day long. Ever since the man had come to America from Germany and had joined up in Mazi Academy, Eden had been smitten as a kitten. Even now, Eden couldn't fess up that he was the one who left him that encouraging note in his locker. Not that Kaiser really seemed to notice his existence...

That wasn't really Kaiser's fault, though. Eden preferred his own company more often than not and loved to be alone, more or less, with his photos or his movies. He didn't mind being alone; he just didn't like being lonely.

A small set of loud voices grabbed his immediate attention, turning his gaze so he could see who it was, and his heart leaped instantly when his eyes landed on a familiar shock of red hair. It was Kaiser, staring at a photograph of himself with a few of his friends around him, talking a little too loud to be comfortable. "See? We told you!" "Yeah, that's the guy over there, the blue haired one." "He's a little obsessed man, it's kinda weird..." When he realized they were pointing over at him, his face instantly turned red and he took a few quick steps to hide behind one of the displays.

Oh god...

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Posted On: Sep 15 2017, 10:03 PM
I feel you in
every heartbeat
He really had no reason to be here. Kaiser wasn’t the ‘art’ type, even if his main source of income came from ballroom dancing. His was a different kind of art, so yeah, he understood the appeal of photography, but he, himself, had no reason to be amongst all these people. He didn’t know who took all these photos, nor was he aware of their past works, and honestly it felt a little... rude almost? To be there. Was that the right term? Who knows.

In any case, he had been awoken from a peaceful nap under the shade of a tree, curled up on his side as sunlight filtered through the leaves, giving him the perfect place to nap, that is, until his dearest ‘friends’ rudely awoke him. Kaiser, still out of it, let his friends drag his tall, lanky body to whatever destination they deemed important enough to wake him up, still trying to wake up. Sleep wanted to claim him as its own, and it was hard to keep his eyes open.

Then suddenly, he went from a quiet nook in the school’s courtyard to a large exhibition hall, a soft hum of chatter floating into his ears. The redhead blinked blearily several times, letting out a yawn as his friends talked, though he couldn’t really understand them, especially when they all talked at once. He may have been speaking, reading, and writing in english for a year now, but it still perplexed him and confused him when it was all at once. Lord knows if he’d ever get used to it. But the plus side of that was that he could block out their words and let himself focus. It took him a couple seconds to recognize the bright colored hair in the photos, but when he did, he sucked in a breath.

These were photos, of him. Most of them were candid, him in mundane places at mundane times, but they were dynamic, and there was a softness to him that reminded him of daydreams. And then there were ones of him when he was in competitions, and those were powerful, vibrant, demanding of attention. He could pick out where each of these were held, and he could hear the music he danced to easily, the tune changing with each photo. These were... amazing, and whoever took them was a genius with a talent for finding beauty, especially considering the fact that the only eye-catching part of him was his shock of unruly red hair. Kaiser wondered who took these, who had this special eye of catching beauty.

He didn’t have to wonder long, because one of his friends whacked his arm several times to get his attention, pointing out a boy in the distance, a boy with hair and eyes that reminded him of the reflection of the sky against clear water. The breath left his lungs momentarily, stunned by how... enchanting he was. Kaiser’s feet carried him, easily tuning out the words of his friends, drawn to the pretty stranger across the way. His long legs made the trek easy, and quick, and soon he was before him, studying his features, taking a moment to look at the photograph in front of him.

You took these pictures?” he asked, jumping the gun, German accent thick on his tongue. “They’re very pretty... er... “ his brows furrowed for a moment, sifting through the words in his head, trying to find the translated term for ätherisch. He sighed, not wanting to think about it any more. “Day-dreamy, like I just woke up and I’m still in my dreams. I like them. “ His lips quirked upwards into a small smile. “The pictures of me are very nice. I don’t look like a ‘giant cave-dwelling troll’, as my sister would say.

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