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 wanderlust, ama & basil
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The poetry of earth is never dead.
Closed Posted On: Sep 2 2017, 11:18 PM

Rain created the gentle pitter patter chorus against the leaves the forest. It wasn't particularly heavy that day, nor was the sky very dark. It was a simple late summer shower, providing a good amount of relief from the horrid heat that tended to plague the area this time of year. Muggy and hot... usually, it gave him an excuse to wander about the forest without much clothing on. Not that the rain could stop him. He had pants on and that was about the extent of his "decency" for the day. The rain felt lovely against his skin.

Artemis didn't usually have any company when he wandered so far outside the city for the sake of fun, or even for the sake of practicing skills with a bow and arrow that his parents had given him for his birthday some years ago. It had become a lovely hobby for him. Usually, he was far more alert of his surroundings than he was that day and perhaps it was just the rain throwing him off, but for the moment, he wandered through the trees idly, remembering the way each of their branches twisted and the unique marks of all of the bark. It was nice. He'd been in that forest so many times that he could never really get lost in it.

The fae took his time that day, soaking up the way nature worked around him, humming a soft melody under his breath as the ground soaked up the sounds of his footsteps. The moss was pleasantly soaked, leaving it shiny and green, one of his favorite things to look at. The smell of the rain was one of his absolute favorite scents as well and honestly, he preferred this over the days he spent in school. Normally, he was paying attention to his surroundings, to every sound in the forest that he could hear, but he clearly wasn't paying too much attention as he rounded the trunk of a tree and someone ran right into his bare chest with a soft smack.

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  • Artemis Vilder
Smilin' makes everythin' alright!
Posted On: Sep 7 2017, 10:31 PM
Cruisin' in the off white, soakin' up the sunshine Meltin' off the bad vibes with my ultraviolet eyesight You and me could be the sequel So come and hop into my wavepool Tell all your friends to skate thru Hey, bikini bottom you could eat your cake too
Basil wasn't very smart. Okay, maybe 'smart' isn't the term we're looking for, because Basil is rather intelligent in his own way, but if you stuck the boy in a wet paper bag and told him to find his way out, he'd die in there. Directionally challenged, easily amused and with and with the attention span of a dead gnat, Basil was a walking hazard and if it wasn't for the fact that he was a Phoenix, he would have bit the dust by now.

Thank the gods that mom had him with his father, that's for sure.

That being said, he's a bright and happy person, and loves to explore, and honestly, he probably gets lost so much because the idiot doesn't wear his glasses. On top of being sweet as sugar, he was as stubborn as a bull. Which is why his mother could only sigh and pray to any god that was willing to hear her that he'd come home in less than three hours when he went to run errands for her. Her son was going to give her an aneurysm one of these days...

Cookie Cutters, rolling pins, gel icing, and a couple small figurine toys was on his list of things to purchase today, and he did so dutifully, taking care to actually look at the prices this time around and go with the cheaper option, so long as the quality was good. The sun had shied away sometime during the day, and when he exited the store, a soft rain had started to fall. A warm smile curved on to his lips. He did so love watching the rain fall, and the sound of it was so nice. It was the kind of sound he could fall asleep to. It was a good thing mama told him to bring an umbrella though! It was a little ways of a walk and he was sure to be soaked by the time he got home! With a bit of difficulty he opened his umbrella (pale blue with soft pink cherry blossoms on light brown branches) and began his trek home.... only to let his mind wander.

And that's when he found himself in the forests. Stopping, the phoenix made a soft noise of puzzlement as he examined his surroundings. The canopies gave way to the gray sky, rain falling steadily, he blinked and rubbed at his eye as a rain drop hit it. How in the world did he get here?? Where did the road go? Wasn't he in the middle of the city not moments ago?? He pouted, tapping his bottom lip in wonder and confusion. Well this wasn't good! ....Maybe he could find his way out if he continued the way he was going? Yeah, the forest was bound to end anyways, (and with a quick check of his phone he realized he had no choice. No Service). With that he kept going, rolling down the sleeves of his sweater in the meantime. It seemed to get a little colder in the forest.

It sure was pretty though, with all the plants and the dark, damp bark of the trees. He couldn't help but to stop and literally smell the flowers as he walked, the bright colors a nice reprieve from the never ending sea of green and brown. The more he looked the more he saw, seeing little squirrels scurry into their dens, listening to the warbles and chirps of the birds. It was so nice here, and relaxing. It wasn't so bad getting lost here, and at least no one else was around to see his blund- smack!

A soft squawk of surprise left his mouth as his face collided with something soft, solid, wet, and warm. He reeled back, tripping over his two feet and fell to the mossy ground, butt getting wet immediately, not that he noticed. He rubbed at his forehead, making a noise akin to a startled kitten before he opened his watery spring green eyes and looked up.



It wasn't a tree or a big bush he ran into, but a person, a shirtless person with hair like starlight and oh goodness he was beautiful. Basil could feel his cheeks flushed and he looked down, suddenly feeling rather bashful. What was such a pretty man doing all the way out here? He felt tongue-tied, but he had to speak, say something at least! He had manners!

"S-sorry..! I wasn't watchin' where I was goin'" he apologized, a sheepish, embarrassed smile on his lips as he rubbed the back of his neck. Basil slowly stood and brushed off the dirt and leaves from his backside, nearly shivering at the feeling of his jeans sticking to his skin. Hopefully his natural body heat would dry them quick. Nimble finger grabbed for his umbrella and he picked it up, putting it in its proper place over his head with a charming, bright smile.

@Artemis Vilder
Bae-sil has arrived
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