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 Following your footsteps, Jasper Beaufort
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Posted On: Sep 12 2017, 04:55 PM
Riding the bus was crowded today. Kenneth didn't mind riding the bus most of the time as it wasn't generally crowded. However, there was something happening downtown that had caused more people to be riding at this time. The only reason for his discomfort was his haphephobia. When people got too close to him, not even having contact with him, it caused him to become nervous. As he'd found a seat on the bus, he wasn't worried as much. Sure, people would be close, but they had their own spaces. He was looking down at a book in his lap when a male sat down beside him. He glanced over briefly, seeing the blonde hair before gulping. They were so close! But he could do this...

When the bus hit a rather large pot hole, he winced and glanced over at the person who had sat beside him. He paused for a moment before he was seized with fear. Wait... It couldn't be! His breathing froze at the back of his throat before he sat up in a stiff manner. His gaze turned to face forward but his eyes looked in his peripherals to look at the person. The person next to him was definitely male. And the person they resembled was female... They couldn't be the same person. But there was a similar feeling emanating from them.

It took all his strength to tell himself to calm down internally. Taking several minutes for him to calm down enough, he noticed that he was about to miss his stop and pushed the button on the bus. It had already been pushed, but he hadn't been paying attention. Standing, he didn't notice as the person also got off the bus. Shit, they were getting off at the same stop...

As they started to walk in their direction of travel, Kenneth noticed that he seemed to be following him. Maybe it was just his paranoia, but he was certain that this person was related or something. They knew who he was and she had to be waiting around the corner or something? That was just her style; to send someone ahead to freak him out.

As they got into the same apartment building, waiting for the same elevator, Kenneth couldn't stop stealing glances at the other man. It was hard, he looked so close to her and it was seriously messing with his thoughts. He was fairly certain that she was going to pop up any minute now.

Once inside the elevator, he was about to push the button, when the man pushed his floor. "Oh, same floor I guess..." he said, the ending of his statement going very quiet. As he waited, he felt the need to ask, it was like a fist banging against the front of his mind. "Do I... do I know you?" he asked timidly. He tried to cast a small smile in the other's direction, unsure of how successful he'd been.
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Posted On: Sep 13 2017, 11:16 AM
Jasper was unphased as he joined the queue to hop on board the bus. Initially fixated on his phone, he swiftly flashed his bus pass at the driver and followed the other passengers shuffling down the aisle. It was only when he finally bothered to lift his head up that he noticed he'd struggle to find a seat. With a heavy exhale he darted to the nearest available seat. It was times like this that made him really consider buying his own car, or paying extra to take a taxi. Usually he was the type to take up a row to himself, dumping his bag in the other seat and glaring at whoever passed by and not budging unless asked. He perhaps wouldn't mind giving a seat up for someone who couldn't stand, but other than that the idea of sitting next to a stranger was annoying.
It was only five minutes into the journey when Jasper found himself bored already. His eyes wandered and he noticed the person next to him had a book, soon finding himself glancing over in an attempt to catch some free reading. Not wanting to look too obvious, he took a quick look out the window and glanced back again, but the young stranger had caught his eye. Dark-haired and sat a little awkwardly, almost the total opposite of the comfortably seated blonde. There was something...odd about him. He was sure he'd never seen him before, but something was nagging at the back of his mind.
Jasper resisted the urge to look again and try and figure out if they'd met before. He dug one of his earphones in tighter, shuffled in his seat, looked away and began thinking what he'd do as soon as he got home.
Having successfully distracted himself, Jasper had only noticed it was his stop when the guy next to him had moved. Quickly unplugging his headphones and shoving his phone into his bag, Jasper scrambled to get off the bus before the doors closed.
He waved as the bus left, a quick gesture to say thanks to the driver, before walking in the direction of his apartment building. He hadn't stopped to notice that the figure in front of him was in fact the stranger from the bus, after all it was a pretty big building and any number of different people lived there, Jasper never bothered to pay attention to each one.

But it was almost painstakingly obvious that this was the same person as Jasper pushed his floor number on the elevator and the two exchanged glances. Jasper eyed him up and down, not catching the stanger's mumblings. There wasn't anything unusual or striking to see, so why on earth was his presence disturbing his concentration? He seemed slender and meek, hardly threatening. Nevertheless Jasper found himself subconciously leaning next to the elevator control pad. He found himself not scared, just plain uncomfortable for no good reason. Perhaps it was instinctive, sharing such a small space with someone else. But sharing bus rides and elevators had never bothered Jasper before.

Then the young male next to him spoke up.
"...I don't think so?" Jasper looked him over again. He didn't exactly look like the fashion-savvy but there was only one possibility in his self-absorbed mind. "Unless you've seen me online? I'm all over social media and blogs, so maybe -"
With a ping, the elevator doors slid open, interrupting his line of thoughts. If by some chance this stranger did know of him, or heck was even a part of his solid but small fanbase - then the idea of him knowing where he lived was pretty disturbing, right? Maybe that would explain the odd vibe the vampire was getting.

Jasper was quick to change his tone.
" - if you want a selfie or something that's fine but I'm sorta off-duty right now and not exactly looking my best." It was the most friendliest way he could get across that he was feeling a little guarded. But of course he couldn't exactly help himself when another person paid him some attention, and there was still something irking him about the boy.
Without realising, he found himself loitering in the hallway, waiting to see if his fellow bus-and-elevator rider was going to follow.

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Posted On: Sep 13 2017, 03:53 PM
Kenneth waited with panicked patience for the man to respond. When he said he didn't think he knew him, he received a once over before the man continued on about being online. Did he mean the internet? Kenneth knew what things like facebook were, but he didn't use them himself. He had a laptop which could connect to the internet; he paid an all inclusive fee with his roommate who used the internet. But he wasn't sure what the man was exactly talking about when he said 'blogs'.

The elevator dinging interrupted his words. When he mentioned taking a selfie, Kenneth could only shake his head. "N-no, sorry. I don't even know what a blog is..." he admitted honestly. Although this man looked like her, he didn't recognise him. That had to mean that they weren't related or anything. As he started to head down the hallway, he noticed that the other was headed in the same way. "Well, I'm home," he said as he got to his door first and began rummaging through his bag for his key.

He was a little shocked to see out of his peripherals that the man entered an apartment, and it was the one right next to his. That was oddly coincidental! However, he couldn't be focusing on the fact that a man who looked like her lived next door to him. As his search for his keys became more frustrating, he realised where his keys were. They were on the kitchen counter, where he had left them before rushing out of his apartment. Shit! It would be an hour or so until his roommate came home. Sending a quick text on his older style phone to his roommate, he sighed and was about to sit outside his door and wait, when a stray thought entered his mind.

It took twenty minutes of debate before he timidly knocked on the other man's door. He fidgeted as he waited. When the door opened, he thought it best to speak quickly. "I'm sorry to bother you, and I don't want to seem rude, but I left my keys in my apartment. My roommate will be home soon. But I was wondering if I could wait inside your unit until then? I won't be any trouble." he said, trying his best to assure him. He was wringing his hands nervously and made eye contact. He was a very nervous person, although he wasn't always like this. He was still paranoid that she was here.

He shifted and pulled at his jacket. It was starting to get cold out in the fall months. The reason he didn't want to wait in the hallway, was because of the draft. He couldn't catch a cold, but that didn't mean he enjoyed being cold.

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