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 Green Light, Jasmine's Plotter
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Posted On: Apr 26 2017, 01:10 PM
.27 .male .merfolk .taken


♦ Russian-born, Florida-raised merman

♦ Parents rejected him due to him being gay af

♦ Moved to PA after escaping a bad ex and dead-end job in FL

♦ Sweet but skittish boy

♦ Super shy, but very cute.

♦ Cat person

♦ Enjoys writing and talking about it

♦ Needs lots of friends, though, it may take some time to befriend him

♦ Please don't hurt him; he's precious and sweet

♦ Soulmate is Nolan Grey, an annoying cat shifter that he grouches at, but secretly loves to death

.694 .male .fae .taken


♦ Originally from Ireland, but emigrated to the US in the late 1800's

♦ Lives on the streets of Occulte and makes a living by hooking and thievery

♦ Borderline arrogant and flirtatious; kind of a jerk, to be honest

♦ Loves alcohol and sex (men or women; he's not really picky)

♦ Also kind of a cranky bastard

♦ Don't be friends with him; he's not a nice man

♦ Probably made lots of enemies in Occulte, so watch your back if you hang out with him

♦ Has no qualms about cheating on his soulmate, so don't be surprised if he propositions you for sex

♦ Soulmate is Ari Bennu, whom he stole from once and hates with a passion

Patrick Rutherford
.21 .male .human .taken


♦ American born and raised in a loving family with two parents until mom's death

♦ Pat helped his dad get by, but their relationship became estranged as he grew up

♦ Fell in love with a seemingly sweet girl, but is now trapped in an abusive relationship

♦ Timid and sweet boy that loves running and the sound of rain against the window

♦ Can be outgoing when he feels like it, but he tries not to be when after getting beat up

♦ Uber people pleaser and tries to be as cheerful as possible

♦ Definitely needs lots of friends; please like him, he's cute

♦ He's already been hurt enough, be kind

♦ Pat's soulmate is his best friend, Daniel, though he doesn't realize it yet

.25 .male .vampire .taken


♦ Born and raised in Occulte, with two loving parents

♦ Didn't prove to be a very bright boy, but did get himself a well-paying job

♦ Fell in love with a beautiful girl in his class named Ophelia and has been with her ever since

♦ Got kidnapped by a vampire and turned into one; currently being kept in said vampire's basement

♦ If he wasn't trapped in a basement, he would probably be somewhat social and could probably use a few friends

♦ Anyone who could rescue him and his lover, Ophelia, from the basement they are trapped in, would be wonderful

♦ He probably would appreciate some friends, if he could ever get out of his predicament

♦ Hunter's soulmate is his girlfriend and long-time lover, Ophelia, whom he adores with all his heart and will do anything for her

Victoria Chamberlain
.21 .female .fae .taken


♦ Born and raised in the United States, despite British tendencies

♦ Kicked out of her parents home for falling in love with her best friend, Persephone

♦ Is still madly in love with said best friend and lives with her

♦ Loves to cook and bake, so she makes meals for herself and Persephone; doesn't mind sharing her food with others

♦ Is an avid tea lover and will try any kind of tea you put in front of her (favorites are green and rose)

♦ Works at a diner while attending Mazi for culinary arts

♦ Friends could probably be coworkers and classmates; anyone with a love for food and drink will do

♦ May seem a bit standoffish at first, but can be a nice person if she warms up to you

♦ Soulmate is her girlfriend, Persephone and she could not be happier with her life

.26 .female .mutant .taken (wanted ad)


♦ Originally born in Detroit, but moved to Occulte when she was 7 or 8

♦ Met her childhood best friend upon moving into her new home

♦ Developed a bit of a crush on him, but it soon faded and they eventually went separate ways

♦ They were brought back together when they found out their parents had arranged an engagement for them in childhood

♦ See wanted ad if you're interested in picking up her soulmate (4th tab)

♦ Might be a tough cookie to get along with at first, since she's a bit of a cranky lady; can be nice when you finally get to know her

♦ Would definitely be a good mother or older sister figure if she she could develop a soft spot for someone

♦ Could make enemies with people who get or her nerves or possibly rival garages

♦ Does have a set soulmate, but no one plays him yet; feel free to check out wanted ad linked above if you're interested in playing him

Bridget Crawford
.24 .female .'cubus .taken


♦ Born to a young, naive girl who got pregnant by her pimp, but given to a police officer working on her mother's case

♦ Grew up normally for the most part, though her mother struggled a bit

♦ Nevertheless, the two of them were happy, even when Bridget decided to not go to college and pursue her dreams of being a singer

♦ Super sweet, outgoing girl who's a waitress at a local restaurant and loves to be around people

♦ Could use some friends, especially since she's kind and a social butterfly

♦ Has a soft spot for lovers of the performing arts, especially singers and dancers

♦ Can be super flirty, despite having a soulmate and could use some other female sexual partners other than her soulmate

.195 .male .dragon .taken


♦ Very youngest of ten siblings; has a twin named Castor

♦ Born and raised for about 100 years in Greece, then emigrated to the United States and Occulte

♦ Fell in love with the night sky at a young age and is still fascinated with it to this day

♦ Hopes to be an astronomer someday so he can get paid to map and study the stars

♦ Has a huge crush on the family's house servant, Aurora

♦ Outgoing, goofy, curious, and eager to make lots of friends, unlike his twin, Castor

♦ Hobbies include star-gazing, quoting and singing along with Disney movies, and reading

♦ Friends would be greatly appreciated, especially ones who like being fun and talking about nerdy stuff

♦ Soulmate is Aurora Lancaster, the family's house servant, but probably attracts the attention of other women accidentally

Christopher Sanders
.16 .male .mutant .single


♦ Born to a naive Georgian high school sweethearts

♦ Was sickly when he was a young child, and was abused by his mother due to her frustration with the cost his conditions caused his family

♦ Diagnosed with dyslexia and epilepsy at age 9, after years of believing he was just stupid

♦ Was continually abused by his mother, and protected his little brother from said abuse

♦ Abuse was eventually discovered and Christopher and his brother were placed in the care of a foster family from Occulte, forcing them to move up north

♦ Is now on medicine for his epilepsy, but suffers from anxiety and depression due to his life-long abuse

♦ A very sweet and innocent boy who's been mistreated his whole life; please don't hurt him

♦ Might be tough to make friends with, mainly because he doesn't trust a lot of people and fears being hurt or abandoned

♦ Soulmate is definitely open. Please love this damaged boy; he's really a sweetheart

.28 .male .phoenix .taken (wanted ad)


♦ Born and raised in Texas by two deeply devoted Christians until his mother died

♦ Became a victim of his father's abuse, and was taken away for a time

♦ Returned to his father after a few years, but his father fell back down a hole and moved them to another city

♦ Discovered his homosexuality around the same time, and when he finally came out to his father, got kicked out of the house

♦ Attended Mazi and moved to PA for college, where he studied to be a physician's assistant

♦ Joined the army, which helped him pay for school, and did three tours overseas, mostly as a medic and was recently given a medical discharge due to a knee injury

♦ Left his boyfriend, Charles, at home, and, unbeknownst to him, Charles has run away with another lover

♦ Once he gets settled back in, he could use some friends to hang out with (and maybe drink with)

♦ Soulmate is set, but no one plays him yet. See wanted ad for more info (1st tab)

♦ Tl;dr on the plot: Charles sold the apartment to a poor sucker, whom Clay basically begs to let him live there. They squabble and snipe at each other at first, then realize they have stuff in common, fall in love, and find out they're soulmates

Isabela De La Cruz
.731 .female .unicorn .single


♦ Born and raised in Spain for most of her life, though eventually emigrated to an island that would eventually become Cuba

♦ Became fascinated by the local folk healer and trained under them, cementing her interest in health

♦ Escaped Cuba with her parents and her three siblings during the rise of Castro

♦ Gained a United States citizenship and went to nursing school to fulfill her dream of healing people

♦ Spent many years bouncing around emergency rooms in Miami before moving to Occulte to pursue a career at Occulte General, a revered Level I trauma center

♦ Works night shift at Occulte General Hospital as a registered nurse, with specialities in trauma and emergencies

♦ Could use some friends outside of work, as well as some coworkers to hang out with (maybe some day shift or fellow night shift nurses)

♦ Has probably had a lot of one-night-stands, and she could probably have some friends with benefits relationships with them

♦ Soulmate is completely open; she might even have a few

.32 .female .fae .taken (wanted ad)


♦ Born premature due to her father's abuse against her mother

♦ Mother eventually died at the hands of her father, who was prosecuted for the murder

♦ Grew up in the care of her grandmother and was inspired by the police officer who saved her the night of her parents' final fight

♦ Spent several years as a beat cop in the OCPD before transferring into the White Collar Crime unit

♦ Was partnered with the unit's notorious "good old boy" cop, Elliot, but eventually found him to be a nice guy after being his partner for a while

♦ Eventually developed feelings for Elliot and tries to hide them, though their current assignment makes it hard

♦ For more info about this plot, see wanted ad for more info (2nd tab)

♦ Tl;dr version of the plot: Olivia and Elliot are secretly in love with one another. They're put undercover to investigate a scam targeting couples with failing marriages. They find themselves falling for one another and trying not to act on it, but failing

♦ Elliot is Olivia's soulmate, but no one plays him yet, so feel free to take him if you want

♦ Olivia could use some friends as well, especially within the department

.24 .male .shifter .taken


♦ Born into a tumultous family, with a flighty-drug addicted mother and a loving but fustrated father

♦ His parents eventually split and he ended up staying with his father, who did his best to provide for his son

♦ Found his mother dead from an overdose at a young age and spiraled downward from there

♦ Betrayed by a teacher, who hurt him in more ways than one, and nearly failed high school due to the trauma

♦ Got recruited by a record company to be part of a band called the "Sons of Sceva' and moved in with Soren, who eventually became his best friend

♦ Probably has fans due to being in the band, and probably has a few stoner friends (including dealers) as well

♦ Liam's soulmate is Epheriam Laine, but Liam wouldn't be surprised if a few other people have a crush on him

.23 .male .mutant .taken (wanted ad)


♦ Grew up rather quickly due to taking care of himself and his mentally ill mother in the absence of his father

♦ Born with the gift of eidetic memory, which allowed him to excel in school and allowed him to skip grades

♦ Bullied and misunderstood as a kid, but eventually became accepted in college

♦ Has a bachelor's and master's in psychology and a bachelor's in forensic science with minors in chemistry and biology

♦ Works for the Behavorial Analysis Unit of the FBI, which is based in Occulte City

♦ A kind, yet awkward young man who enjoys coffee, reading, and solving puzzles

♦ Definitely needs smart friends to converse and maybe play chess with

♦ Also needs the rest of his team, most of whom are also his soulmates, unbeknownst to him

♦ Info about that is presented here (3rd tab)

.36 .male .angel .taken


♦ Originally Tanner Furgeson from Washington State

♦ Killed by an accidental fall that was the result of homophobic bullying

♦ Reincarnated several years later and awoke underground, clawed out, and went to the hospital

♦ Diganosed with retrograde amnesia and moved across the country to start a new life

♦ Attended school for psychology and got a job at Mazi as a counselor for the high school division

♦ Sees students for a variety of reasons, including poor grades, bad behavior, mental health issues, and possible abuse cases

♦ Could use some friends, either coworkers or people he knows outside of work

♦ Soulmate is Harvard Card, a social worker that he consulted with on a student's case once and went out on a date with

♦ Ethan does not know that Harvard is his soulmate, so he might try to go on a few more dates before he realizes it

.25 .female .kitsune .taken


♦ Oldest of three children

♦ Didn't go to college because she wanted her siblings to do so (and because she had no interest in going herself)

♦ Modeled and worked as a library assistant to help her parents pay the bills

♦ Met Andrew at her job, and was convinced that he was her soulmate

♦ He, on the other hand, only saw her as a trophy and proposed to her pretty much only to get in her pants

♦ Got pregnant less than a year into her marriage and had a beautiful little boy named Jake, whom she loves with all of her heart

♦ Her husband was not as excited and grew to resent the little boy and started an affair that Holly confronted him about

♦ During said confrontation, Holly found out that her husband was a major homophobe, because she blurted out that she was bi while arguing with him

♦ Ran across the country from North Dakota to live with some relatives in Occulte

♦ Could definitely use some friends, especially friends who are moms so that the kids can have playdates

♦ Soulmate is Renee, who will eventually take care of her son during a time when he'll be sick

OOC Account
  • 22 yrs
  • Forever
  • Alone
Posted On: Jul 11 2017, 01:54 PM
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