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 Moonlight Stroll, Quinn | Ru
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  • quinn blackthorn
Posted On: Jul 27 2017, 03:19 AM

tw: excessive foul language

A pretty typical question hit Alastar the moment he calmed down long enough to hear that voice screaming in the back of his head again. What the fuck am I doing with my life? Irritation at his situation was reaching a head, and honestly why wouldn't it? Alastar had been gone long enough now that he should have had something to show for it. Evidence. Clues. Anything that was bringing him a little bit closer to the mysterious blackmailer would have been welcome, but he literally had nothing to show for all the years he'd been skulking about. Damn it all, he hissed silently and tried to calm his nerves. The sound of the waves hitting the shore at least was like the sweetest melody to his ears. Used to be that he'd spend most of his time by the waves, before all this, because the gang practically lived by the water. Business revolved around ships and smuggling. Fuck, Alastar missed it more than he realized. Maybe he'd been avoiding the shores because he didn't want to think too hard on that.

He knew he shouldn't have even been there in that particular moment. Until Alastar figured out who was idiotic enough to make threats on Quinn, but smart enough to evade him for so many years, he shouldn't be chancing being seen. As far as the branded knew he was dead, and he was... fine with that. At least she'd be safe. Time hadn't dulled the way that the mere thought of her had his heart clenching painfully. Maybe that was what it meant to have a soulmate, but fuck if he knew. Alastar wasn't built for romance, and he had to accept that. She was better off without him in her life. Everyone in the crew was. At least for now.

A wave of rage and desperation hit him so hard he could hardly stand on his own two feet. Damn it all. Damn it all! All Alastar wanted was to finally feel like he was making some forward fucking progress in his god damn life. A cloud drifted lazily in front of the moon and suddenly it was dark on the beach. Morning would come soon, and it would officially be a new day to find another great big nothing. "FUCK!" he screamed at the top of his lungs and kicked violently at the sand all around him. If anyone else was around they probably would have thought him drunk. God, he wished he was drunk. The man covered his face with his hands and let out a deep sigh. He couldn't keep this up. Maybe he should just walk into the waves and let go.
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  • fin
Posted On: Jul 27 2017, 11:39 AM

It was nights like tonight that Quinn felt extra restless. When the sky was mostly clear and she'd been up way too long with just her thoughts for company. Sure, she could have sought out Vardan. But tonight the idea made her skin itch and instead she decided to go for a walk. Just a short walk, she promised herself. Too often she went for walks that resulted in seeing the sunrise. She promised herself she'd be back before then, though she knew they were useless promises. She'd be home when her mind stopped whirling.

The beach was the perfect place. At this time of night it would be empty, quiet except or the sound of waves crashing along the shore. She lost track of time as she walked over the sand, lost her wayward thoughts in the constant crash of the ocean. The only blight on her peace was a loud shout from a man, his behavior almost drunken as he lashed out at the sand around him.

"What a fucking idiot." From where she watched the man thrash about in the sand, he was just a flurry of limbs. But she froze when she recognized the person, recognized the voice, that particular scent. "Fin?"

She was far enough away he probably wouldn't have seen her, or heard her. But she knew that was him. Without another word she was walking closer, calm despite the rush of emotions inside her. God knows this could just be her mind playing tricks on her. But as she closed the distance between them, her heart pounding realizing he was actually here, right in front of her. Real.

"It is you." Quinn's words were soft as she stared at the man she'd thought lost forever. "Fin, you're alive."

She was shocked, it was clear on her face. She was hurt, how could he have just left like that? She was angry, couldn't he have at least told her he was alive, she'd been so damn worried about him for the last thirty goddamn years. He couldn't even send her a letter? But she was also under all of that she was happy. She laughed, pushing her hair back from her face as she took in the sight of her lover. "You're back."

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  • quinn blackthorn
Posted On: Jul 27 2017, 02:26 PM

He was consumed by those thoughts and the feeling of any last traces of hope draining out of his body. No, not draining. It was more like they were running away, abandoning him to his fucking lonely idiocy. Thirty years was a long time to fight against something without relying on anyone else to give him a helping hand up. They already thought he was dead, what would the harm be just walking into those icy waters and waiting for them to consume him? The man felt his entire body pulsing from the irritation, the outburst, but he took a step forward. Just as he was contemplating taking another step he realized there was someone approaching-- the one person he didn't want to see him. The one god damn person who almost surely would have been better off without seeing him for the rest of her god damn life. Alastar's heart thundered at the sight of her and his soul ached as soon as he heard her voice. Funny, she sounded different than he remembered.

Quinn's face seemed to express how Alastar felt for the most part. Hurt, anger, and she even laughed a little. The happiness was what cut him deepest. Even after thirty years, a time in which she could have chosen someone else and lived a happy romantic life alongside the branded, she still held out hope for him. Maybe he was a fool for harboring those dreams about a future after the schemer was caught. A future where he held her in his arms and they were truly happy. God fucking damn it that future was so impossible from where he stood now. The man steeled himself best he could, washing away any idle thought with the cold hard reality that he was still a danger to Quinn. She's better off, he convinced himself best he could.

"I'm not back," he corrected coldly. Honestly the harsh edge of the voice surprised even himself. Maybe if he was cruel enough she'd move on already so he could protect her. God he wanted to wrap her in his arms and never let go, protect her with her heart so close to his own. Fucking idiot. He was just a god damn mother fucking idiot for thinking like that. There wasn't room for wishy-washy nonsense in this. Quinn's life had been threatened and he wasn't going to chance anything happening to her. "I won't ever be back either. Sure I'm not dead, but I might as well be. Consider me dead from now on since you're all dead to me anyway."

Flashing a cold cocky grin made Alastar feel like his heart had died.
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