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 i wanna scream until the words dry out
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last thing I said to you was I hated you: I loved you, and now it
Posted On: Aug 8 2017, 11:30 PM
Dress to impress. Julian had insisted. Does he even care what people think? The blonde man had scoffed at him. But he wasn't talking to Cecil. Not really. His snide remarks were directed at Julian's husband, Cecil's father uncle Zach, the ever-sympathetic one, and the one who stood a chance of getting Cecil to listen. Or, at least, that's what Julian seemed to think.

Rolling his eyes, Cecil slipped out of the house in an over-sized black hoody and baggy cargo pants, not bothering to give Zach any time to "convince" him not to. Cecil would never understand why his uncle put up with such a vexatious man.

Not that it mattered. Zach would calm Julian down. It was a rare day today. Both of his "parents" were home together- they wouldn't let him spoil it, would they? Probably not. After all, Arlo was working, and he was leaving giving the men the house to themselves. It was just as well.

Once he was out of sight he pulled out his phone, shooting a quick text to Arlo: 'Brat's not working today', then Noa: 'Can I stop by?' It was worth asking. With Noalani's energetic husband there was no telling if the family would even be home, honestly. Not that he would have minded. He didn't need company, he just needed a place to hide. 'Stop by' may have meant 'visit for a minute' some days, but today it was 'can I have a place to sleep' instead.

The truth was, life wasn't all that hard for the young, spoiled angel but that didn't stop fifteen-year-old Cecil from slinking into the Rocket Fuel Cafe, finding an empty table, and sitting sulkily while he looked over the familiar menu.
you've seen me smile, now you're gonna have to see me hurt
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ahm, hi. NOTES
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