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Posted On: Sep 5 2017, 05:15 PM

fashion blogger
jasper beaufort
portrayed by Amakusa Shion (Uta no Prince Sama)
♥ charismatic
♥ astute
♥ principled
♥ reflective
♥ strong-willed
♥ vain
♥ brash
♥ unempathetic
♥ stubborn
♥ self-doubting
♥ dark coffee
♥ recognition
♥ spa treatments
♥ snowy nights
♥ respectable people
♥ being kept indoors
♥ crazy fads
♥ sharing things
♥ criticism
♥ piano music

TW: death, abuse, rape

They called it love, but it was a love that wasn't strong enough to overlook a second accidental pregnancy. Born to a nobleman's mistress only a few years after they'd had their first child, Jasper was an unwanted illegitimate son. Not long after his birth his father decided to cool off the relationship, agreeing only to upkeep his secret family financially.

Naturally his mother was furious at the young boy that had caused her lover to turn cold. Young Jasper was starved of attention compared to that of his spoiled older sister, Elizabeth. Unable to communicate that all he wanted was the love and care of his mother, he became prone to jealous fits. Jasper was labelled a "vicious-tempered boy" whilst his sister was always a "clever beautiful girl" no matter what she did. A disparity that plagued him well into his adult life. Yet he couldn't bring himself to hate his sister. After hearing all the compliments spoken of her on a daily basis, Jasper began to believe she was perfect too. He became subservient to her, showering her with praise as much as everyone else.

That was until his mother grew very sick. Old and with no other children to inherit his estate, her former lover agreed to take both siblings in. As Lord Beaufort's only son, Jasper was swiftly taken out of school and placed into private tutoring. Having to learn etiquette and hobbies suitable for nobility, he finally understood that he was just as important and as worthy as his sister, if only he could prove himself.

Jasper felt surprisingly unaffected by word of his mother's passing. Emotionally numb, he failed to realise how hard his sister was hit by the news.
Elizabeth had already captivated those surrounding her, but with her mother gone it was never enough. The confused and distraught teenage girl didn't see it as beneath her to flirt with both noblemen and servants alike. She loved to hear them praise her, chase after her and attempt to win her over. Soon she was the talk of the town, and not always in a good way. Still, Jasper was envious of the attention she was getting. Ignoring all the bad rumours surrounding his sister's behaviour, he decided to subtly follow suit, gathering a few admirers of his own.

Little did he realise that his sister had grown bored of the attention already, and longed for something more. Not knowing how to forge genuine relationships, Elizabeth became pushy. Believing physical affection was the key to finding someone who could show her real emotion, Elizabeth began forcefully kissing strangers and acting more suggestively. Many accused her of being "unladylike". Unable to withstand the gossip surrounding his newly-acquired family, Lord Beaufort decided to arrange a marriage for her in the hope that she'd simply settle down.

Instead it set her off down an extreme downward spiral. Suddenly playful kisses and purposeful glances became physical assaults. Complacent servants were her favourite targets, unable to utter a bad word about her. Feeling confident that her unsavoury exploits were completely secret, she tried the same tactics on a visiting nobleman to spite her father. Little did she know the nobleman was in fact a vampire, who took offence at her actions and turned her as punishment.

Elizabeth began to live a nocturnal life away from social duties. Unaware of the pains of bloodlust she was feeling, Jasper wanted the same seemingly carefree life she had. After just a whiff of his jealousy, Elizabeth had no problem turning her own brother...the same couldn't be said for her father, however. Tired of arguing about her prospective marriage, Elizabeth had attacked him. Already old, Lord Beaufort did not survive the exchange of blood.
Jasper had witnessed the attack with his own eyes and was shaken, yet he chose to believe his sister that it was an impulsive accident. After all, he hadn't managed to control his own vampiric desires, so it was understandable to him at the time.

As his son, Jasper inherited the Beaufort manor. The vampiric family lived entirely nocturnally, and by this time they already had a bad enough name as it was. Still under the illusion that his sister was near-perfect, Jasper was weak to her whims despite being in control of the family wealth. They began to move from town to town, country to country, sometimes to avoid suspicion but mostly because they grew bored.

At some point his sister had been approached and agreed to work for a mysterious dragon named Arthur. Jasper tried to pay it no mind, but his sister seemed to spend less and less time at home with him, and whenever he did see her she was in an ecstatic state. When Jasper was finally approached by the dragon and was offered work himself, he was quick to accept, hoping to have as good a time as his sister appeared to be having.

The job was easy enough: Arthur had a collection of slaves, and he wanted some turned. Jasper was good at carefully picking out willing and suitable subjects, but his sister was deemed brilliant: quick, effective and to Arthur's joy her victims seemed suitably shaken and more obedient than before. As always, he grew fed up with being second best to his sister, and during one evening decided to follow her to see how exactly she was doing her work.

Through the crack of a door, he witnessed the rape of a young dark haired man. Jasper found himself wanting to look away, but he was frozen in disbelief. Reality hit him hard: the woman he'd worshipped and envied all this time was a twisted monster. Jasper stumbled away. He wanted to believe he misheard, that it was a one off incident. But the next time he followed her at work, it happened again. The sounds, the voices, all exactly the same. There were others too: some only whimpered, others screamed. The noises still haunt him.

Naturally it all fell apart, his sister begged him to flee with her. He tried to confront her, but couldn't bring himself to talk about what he knew. He gave her a small fraction of his inheritence, took the rest for himself and managed to escape from the village before hell broke loose.

Jasper hasn't heard from her since, has never tried to look for her, and prefers to believe she is dead. The events have changed him, shaping him into the awkward man he is. Jasper carries around a lot of guilt and regrets, and has vowed to never look up to anyone else. Although still vain and selfish, he longs to be considered good natured at heart by others. He has sold nearly everything in his inheritence, opting to settle in a quiet one-bedroom apartment in Occulte. But sitting around all day doing nothing, with only his thoughts for company, drove him mad. Although he has enough money to live off for a few decades, Jasper spends his time promoting trends, appearing in online ads, making sponsored content, and generally enjoying having attention all to himself: in the online world at least. His love for showing off his sophisticated tastes have made him insta-famous, and he has enough to keep him busy and distracted from his own feelings of inadequecy...for now, at least.

nimbus, character #1, all images found on Google Images and this official image tumblr
<b>uta no prince sama</b>, amakusa shion, <a href="">jasper beaufort</a><br>
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Posted On: Sep 12 2017, 03:59 PM
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