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 Khepri St. Cloud, Nonbinary
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Posted On: Aug 12 2017, 02:38 PM

Light Elemental
khepri st. cloud
bill cipher (gravity falls)
♥ Intelligent
♥ Adaptive
♥ Protective
♥ Self-Assured
♥ Cheery
♥ Manipulative
♥ Tempermental
♥ Unstable
♥ Controlling
♥ Obsessive
♥ Laughter
♥ Gold
♥ Alcohol
♥ Power
♥ Attention
♥ Boredom
♥ Being Belittled
♥ Losing
♥ Solitude
♥ Red hair?
Warnings: Character death

I'm going to miss you. Forever.

War. This theater of murder that no species nor society may escape. It is from the aftermath of such a thing that Khepri came into being.

When the sun rose over the battlefield, there were but corpses left, a feast for carrions, a breeding ground of disease. A bit of shattered metal - a broken sword? Shattered armor? A lover's token, never to be returned? Hardly matters now- dances in the morning light, and gives rise to a little flash. The little flash gives way to true light, and that light gave way to a being with golden hair, a shiny piece of broken metal lodged where his heart should be.

Even if I...can't quite...remember you anymore.

The golden being doesn't meet living people for...days? Weeks? He hadn't counted the days, just waited for the sun to come back because the moon wasn't bright enough and it didn't make him warm.

Living people were much more fun. Corpses don't sing, don't dance, don't laugh (he met someone who could make them do that once, and he'd laughed and laughed and laughed and then he'd been sick for days). He liked the smart ones best, the ones who wanted nothing but to learn and would share what they knew. He liked bad jokes, and they always seemed to have those for some reason, too. He surrounded himself with these types, and over time, absorbed their passion for knowledge. Khepri was born from a reflection, so it was only natural he'd start to reflect those around him.

But reflections aren't empty, after all.

If I could remember you would it hurt more or less?

He gets bored fast, and he runs out of books, and they run out of things that interest him. He moves on. He learns. He gets bored again. He leaves. On and on and on it goes, a wandering bit of light collecting without purpose and not even realizing he lacks purpose.

He realizes it somewhere in his 2600s (he's never been able to keep track of his exact age, the concept of time is one he has always had a hard time grasping when so many other things that shouldn't make sense do) he meets Cinder, and nothing is as beautiful as the freckles that dance like stars against the sky of her full cheeks, over the bridge of her nose, the curve of her shoulders. The shine of her orange hair is far brighter a light than he thinks he could ever be, and all the books he's read about soulmates couldn't hope to describe her.

She studies medicine, and he's content to follow where she leads. She doesn't mind leading, and they never stay long enough for him to get bored.

It hurts regardless, so what's the fucking point.

It had been 300 years together when it happened. Khepri never found out why they did it- he was a little busy and they were a little gone and they were all a little dead - but Cinder has her head bent over a notebook writing when the blood starts flowing, a knife in her neck and a hand on the knife and the hand attached to a blue-eyed man. They burn her notes. They burn everything.

Everything is ash when Khepri finds it. Nothing left of his beloved but bone, nothing left of her work but smoke. Tears block his vision, rage moves his body.

He finds them. He shouldn't have found them. They're stronger and there's more of them and Khepri was never a fighter and oh he can't even panic when his core his half ripped out, bent and mangled.

Loneliness is a wound that never heals, even after you've forgotten what the scar is from.

Core transfers rarely work. Khepri was lucky (unlucky unlucky unlucky), and when his rescuers gave him a shiny gold triangle necklace for a heart he didn't die. But he did die. He didn't care and he laughed when he shouldn't and his rescuer was a lovely fire elemental with red hair.

He cried when he left and didn't understand why. There was a red haired corpse in the house now.

If it's what's inside that counts, I'm fucked.

Khepri was colder now and his smiles were too wide and he never used to get so much entertainment out of causing trouble, though he remembers he was always easily bored. He remembers red hair and losing someone that left a hole in his soul. He remembers that he's bored, and goes to a town full of creatures of all types. He doesn't want to be bored.

Please don't leave me alone again.
kitten, character 1, all images found on DEVIANTART
<b>gravity falls</b>, bill cipher, <a href="l">khepri st. cloud</a><br>
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When it rains, I look for rainbows. When it
Posted On: Aug 23 2017, 02:59 PM
Welcome to All of Me!
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