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 remind me the steps, emrys + celeste // nova + adolpha
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Closed Posted On: Aug 3 2017, 12:02 AM
Celeste hadn't been practicing fencing like she should have been and she was rusty. The fact that the Academy offered fencing classes not only made her happy, but it also thrilled her godparents and her best friend, Keena. Although she could have more than likely taken the classes in her high school years, Celeste had felt confident that she remembered everything and didn't even bother. That was her mistake and she learned from it. Although the girl didn't plan on fighting anyone with swords, fencing, when she learned whens he was younger, helped her become calm and relax and focus on one thing and not worry over everything else around her.

If it had helped her in the past, then why was it bothering her so much now?

She woke that morning and she did her normal routine, got ready for the classes she had that day and even packed her books and her cards in her bag. Nothing out of the ordinary had happened and she hadn't seen anything that should cause worry after triggering a possible vision this morning. When she asked Browly, the familiar didn't even know what to say. Rubbing her temple with one free hand she walked down the hallways to the Fencing Classroom with the owlcat awkwardly perched on her left shoulder. Celeste didn't know what to expect today, and this was her first time with this particular class and teacher. Were they going to be anything like what she had at home in France?

((urgh i know it could be better x3 sorry it took so long hun))

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