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 Howl to the Wind, Adolpha's Wanted Ads
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Posted On: Aug 11 2017, 12:44 AM
A Wolf To My Lamb
Claimed by Rah

Life and Death had began dancing the moment the world was created, the moment that life was breathed into the universe. The two could not exist alone with out the other in one way or another and their powers over the world had been seen though out the life span of Earth. Tribes of many different species worshiped the many different deities and figures of such forces and their story has spread across the world in one form or another. The two are always dancing with each other in all the tales and in most cases they are lovers.

Lamb and Wolf are no different from the stories, despite not actually being the deities of Life and Death themselves; Lamb represents Life in her tribe while Wolf, a being of destruction and death, represents Death in his. In both of these tribes it is always thought that they have been reincarnated though out the years and the stories of the two figures so highly thought of have been passed down generation to generation. Rather the stories are true or not, rather it was possible, the two separate tribes believed such things and their masks they once thought to carry long ago are passed down as well.

I need a Wolf to my Lamb, to put things simple. Lamb is going to be a mutant with a life based power and meanwhile Wolf doesn't have to be a mutant with a death base ability, or a mutant at all. He could legit be anything, so long as they are seen as a being of Death and Destruction, rather fair or not in their killings; some ideas on species I have are dragons, werewolf/hellhound (specially hellhound) or what not, but as before I am alright with any species really... Heck, they don't have to be a male at all and they can be a female or nonbinary, I am legit up for anything.

Wolf and Lamb don't have to be their names, but it is at least something their tribes call them by. I don't have Lamb's ability really figured out yet, but I believe with some thoughts, ideas, or even plots might help flesh it out if I don't have it figured out yet.

Kindred of League of Legends is what gave me the idea, the thought and it just kept spreading from there as I began doing a bit of research for something else. Here and also here are some of the inspirations that I have found and perhaps they will help you, who ever decides to take up Wolf. If you have ideas or thoughts but do not wish to take up Wolf, you can always send them my way!

You can pm on site or direct message me on discord at AlphaAdolpha#9374

also excuse the not so pretty wanted ad, I am working on a code for it~ A Wolf To My Lamb has been claimed by Rah and this ad page will be updated when needed
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