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 is this a date?, nova & falan
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And the angels descend from heaven to bring salvation upon all lesser species.
Posted On: Sep 2 2017, 11:52 PM

"What am I thinking? This is fucking ridiculous." He kept mumbling it under his breath as he forced himself to stay where he was sitting, knowing that his company would be there soon, and he continued to grapple with the strange feelings dancing around in his chest. He didn't understand. All his life, he'd grown up knowing nothing but disgust for species other than angels, for genders other than what your birth sex was, and for sexualities other than a hetero attraction. But, yet, here he was, settled in the sand of the beach, tucked off to the side behind some jutted out rocks, sitting on top of a blanket and watching the waves crash while he waited for his company. At the very least, no one would see them here and hopefully, he wouldn't get confronted about this.

Falan thought he was an asshole and, honestly, em was right about it. Ajax knew how much of a dickwad he could be to people, not that he really cared up until his recent interactions with the kitsune. Spending any amount of time around Falan was breaking apart this facade and wall he'd built up over so long. He hated admitting that he had built up a wall in the first place, but even he knew it was there. It just wasn't something that he could really afford to... admit or show around his parents. They had a lot of expectations out of him and he intended on living up to them. Just friends. Just friends. That's it. We're just friends. Hell, even using the word "friends" made his skin crawl in a fearful way. Expectations from his parents extended to his friendships too.

Ajax glanced down the stretch of beach to his left and then to his right, not seeing any immediate sign of the colorful nonbinary classmate he was starting to have affections for. Affections? Oh, god, did he really just think that? His heart twisted painfully in his chest as he tried to mentally convince himself he wasn't feeling anything for the kitsune, but at this rate, he was dead wrong. He knew that, too, especially the more that he just sat there waiting for Falan to show up. Maybe... if I can keep this a secret, then... then maybe it will work.

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