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 We All Probably Knew This Was Coming
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Posted On: Sep 24 2017, 06:58 PM
Not gonna drag this out. I haven't made a post on here in probably close to a year. I've got some baggage attached to this place now. I know the redux is coming up but I don't see myself going along with it, so I may as well jump ship now. Maybe i'll rejoin later on down the line when I feel a little more clear but ??? i don't even know if i've got the mojo for RP anymore. I loved this place for a while and you guys really are all great and you helped me through some real shit but it's just. Not really my place anymore.

I only wanna ask one thing and that is that if you have a Bells character, rename them. I wanna take that with me and I'd rather not have anyone running around with my lore. I mean, I can't force you or anything, but it'd be nice if you could respect that?

If you wanna keep talking i've got a discord over at elsen#4208, so hmu if you wanna for any reason.

Love n' Kisses, losers

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