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 We Lost Our Minds (Soren), TW: Mention of drugs, cursing
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Posted On: Jun 1 2017, 11:13 AM
You take me places that tear up my reputation
Manipulate my desicions

Liam groaned, groping around for the object that was blaring a wretched, loud noise in his ear. He finally managed to grab his phone, which he had determined was the source of said noise and blindly stabbed at the screen with his finger. "Jesus fucking Christ," he hissed lowly, throwing it weakly and attempting to flop on his other side, only to be met by resistance. The redhead frowned a bit and looked down to see an arm wrapped around his torso. He yelped and nearly ended up falling off the other side of his bed. "Holy hell!" he exclaimed, his red eyes now wide open, though some leftover dried secretions from sleep remained and prevented him from fully seeing the woman who had wrapped around him. He looked at the person in confusion, though they continued to sleep peacefully without paying much mind to the noise he made trying to hold onto the bed and shouting rather loudly for whatever time in the morning it was.

The redhead extracted himself from the woman's grasp and ran to the bathroom, feeling his stomach lurch. Normally, Liam had no problem with alcohol, but he suspected the combo of liquor and those "sweet tarts" that Soren had gifted him the previous night was enough to send his stomach into an upheaval. He stumbled through the bathroom door, dropping to his knees and emptying some of the contents of his stomach into the toilet. The harsh burn of the acid in his throat made him wince while doing so. There had definitely been something in those candies, and he would bet on the band's success that it was probably ex. He did not remember too much from the previous night, but flashes of memories came back every now and again. Once his stomach decided to stop rebelling against him, he flushed the toilet and pushed himself up off the tile floor. He closed the toilet lid and sat down, looking his reflection in the mirror. The dark bags under his eyes gave away his exhaustion and his possible feelings of emptiness. He looked pale and his hair was sticking up in several different directions. He also noticed a line of teeth marks and mild bruises on the side of his neck that Soren didn't drink from and groaned. He attempted to smooth his hair down by reaching over and turning on the sink, but he took a tumble off the toilet and landed on the floor.

Liam groaned and used the sink to help himself stand up. He pushed his way out of the bathroom and passed his own room on the way to his roommate's. He banged on the man's door loudly, yelling out to him, "Hey, fucker, open up!" The redhead knew that he should be much nicer to his best friend; they had lived together for four (now almost five) years and hadn't kicked him out yet. Arguably, the vampire should have; the cat shifter could be a dick, especially when he wasn't drunk and/or high. His grouchy personality would certainly drive any friends away, but, for some reason, Soren decided to stay around. His impatience kicked in and he shoved the door open, stumbling into his roommate's room. He grabbed onto the door frame to steady himself; the combo of being hungover and coming down from ex was not a good one. Maybe it'll be better next time, he mused to himself, looking around the room. Thankfully, there was only one other person in the room who appeared to take the floor, for some strange reason.

Liam rolled his eyes and clambered into bed with Soren, kicking him in the shin. "Wake up, dumbass," he hissed, glancing across his friend's naked body to make sure he had not woken their visitor. "I woke up with a girl next to me," he added, rubbing his neck where he was fairly certain the person had given him a few hickies. "Do you have any idea who she is? Cause I have no fucking clue." His memory of the previous night was shitty; a side effect of the ex, he supposed. He only hoped that he had not slept with the poor girl; then, he would have felt really guilty. Liam was not like Soren when it came to sex; casual was not really his style; he preferred to have some kind of connection with his partners; however, he was not currently in a relationship and he was fairly certain he had never seen this woman before. Who on God's green earth was she? His best friend would (hopefully) know.

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I can't deny, I'd die without this Make me feel like a God Music, love and sex (Adrenalize me) I crave excess
Posted On: Jun 11 2017, 12:48 PM
You take all my inhibitions
Baby, there's nothin' holdin' me back

Pounding. Fucking pounding was the first thing he woke up to that morning. His right hand immediately shot upwards towards his head, tightly scrunching up a fist full of his black locks. Why was his head pounding so badly? Granted, like most nights, he and his best compadre had gotten pretty trashed the evening before. But Soren didn't remember doing anything that hardcore, just some booze and sweet tarts. Then again who's to say what was still flowing in his bedmate's bloodstream when Soren brought him back to the apartment. Speaking of which, 'Where did that handsome blonde devil go?' Soren thought as he spread his arms outward, grasping around for the young man's flesh. 'Maybe he left already.'

With Bryce, or maybe it was Brandon; honestly Soren never bothered to learn the name of his one night stands; out of his grasp Soren laid there alone in pure agony, silently begging the pounding inside his head to stop. It wasn't until a familiar voice rang out that Soren realized it wasn't the hangover that was hurting his head, it was his asshole roommate. Growling deeply with his eyes shut tight Soren reached to his nightstand, grabbing...something. He wasn't really sure what but judging by weight and shape of the item he guessed it was his alarm clock. Yanking the item from the nightstand Soren hurled it blindly towards the source of the racket. He swore, some people had no respect for other people's hangovers.

Even as he tossed the object Soren knew deep down it wasn't going to be enough to discourage that bastard. Liam shared more in common with his shifter form than he cared to admit, and Soren knew that just like a cat, when Liam wanted something from him he was going to get it any way he could. Sure enough not a few moments later Soren heard the splintering of wood as Liam forced his way inside the vampire's room. That bastard was lucky that he loved him, because if anyone else had attempted what Liam did, they would have found themselves on the wrong end of one of Soren's tongue lashings. While he didn't tend to get into fights too often, Soren had a mouth on him when he was pissed. Because, even though he had enhanced strength and healing capabilities, Soren had always been sort of a wuss. He just couldn't tolerate pain as well as others, especially when compared to the other Wilder boys.

Feeling the other man crawl into bed with him, Soren rolled towards him. "Good morning to you too," he grumbled sleepily, glancing at the redhead with one eye open as he wished for more sleep. Despite the fact that Liam had thankfully stopped banging on his door, Soren could still feel the pounding inside his head. Soren didn't have long to worry about that though because Liam gave him a new pain to focus on. "Fucking cunt!" Soren hissed violently, flashing his fangs toward the shifter in anger as he felt the other man's foot collide with his shin. "I thought you were bringing me breakfast in bed not bruises..." he growled in pain as he rubbed the tender spot where Liam had kicked him.

Fully awake now Soren grumbled as he sat upwards, stretching out his arms as he rolled his shoulders backward. He felt like shit, now. Though he wasn't sure what was truly at fault for his aching body; Liam, the party, or the rough sex. Soren supposed it was probably a combination of all three. He couldn't stay mad at Liam for long though, and as he began complaining about having someone to share his bed Soren's eyes sparkled. Soren squeaked in excitement, perhaps a bit more than he should have. He couldn't help it though, Liam was his best friend and it pained him inside to know just how little that poor man actually got laid. It was honestly probably why he was so grumpy all the time. Walking around with blue balls was good for no man, half cat or not.

Blinking softly as Liam asked if he knew who she was Soren was surprised by his bed friend's lack of memory. Last night had been a blast... or at least the parts Soren could recall. Thankfully though, his memory started to fade away after he had left the club and not before. "Dude you don't remember? You were all over that cocktail waitress last night, and as I recall she was pretty eager herself to lick your lollipop," Soren said as he wiggled his eyebrows up and down. Man-child as always Soren couldn't help himself with the candy euphemisms, and even though they usually only referenced drugs, Liam was by far Soren's favorite drug so far. Grabbing Liam by his shoulders Soren examined the marks on his neck. The bite marks were his no doubt, but the deep red bruises, those were not his handiwork. 'That bitch,' he thought to himself with a small growl, a fleeting moment of jealousy flowing over him. That piece of Liam's flesh belonged to him. He had marked it first.

Shaking those thoughts away, Soren knew he shouldn't be so possessive of his best friend. He may have loved that bastard harder than anyone else, but not even Liam's touch could keep the pain he felt of lacking a soulmate away for long. "I actually didn't see who you left with last night. I left early with...Brian? I wanna say his name was Brian. He uh... tired me out before you made it home," he chuckled lightly at the memories from last night's session. Grinning widely with his canines exposed Soren released his friend's shoulders, shoving him towards the edge of the bed. "C'mon let's go see what you caught last night! I'm telling you I bet it was the waitress." Scrambling towards the door, Soren tripped over something, groaning as he landed on his exposed dick. Glancing behind him he saw the blonde man curled up on the floor, a smirk crossing his face, 'Oh hey, that's where Brett went.'

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Posted On: Jun 12 2017, 03:49 PM
You take me places that tear up my reputation
Manipulate my decisions

Liam knew very well that waking Soren up after a night of partying would have dangerous consequences. Thankfully, the two of them had been living together long enough so that the cat shifter could get away with pissing off the vampire and not end up dead. The same could be said for Soren; somehow, by some miracle of God, the charismatic vampire had wormed his way into the soft spot of Liam’s heart and stubbornly refused to leave. He realized that sounded incredibly gay, and definitely would fuel the rumor that they were secretly dating and banging one another. They were extremely close, and he would not deny that; however, they knew very well that they were not one another’s soulmates, and they certainly were not dating. Of course, the redhead found no problems with the idea of dating a man, but the whole sex thing that his roommate managed to get himself caught up in was not his style. At least, it would not usually be; hence his utter shock at waking up with a woman beside him. He snapped out of his thoughts just in time to dodge the alarm clock lobbed at his head. What an ass, he thought to himself, pushing the door hard enough for it to make a splintering sound as he pushed his way through. He barely noticed the blonde young man lying on the floor beside his roommate’s bed and instead clambered inside, trying not to let his eyes linger too long on the blonde.

“This is no time for pleasantries,” Liam snapped, his eyebrow twitching slightly. Clearly, the pounding on the door had not really awoken his friend, given the one eye squint he had been given after climbing into bed with the other, so he kicked him in the shin to wake him up fully. Naturally, he received a curse and a flash of fangs in return and rolled his eyes at the other’s comment. “We can have breakfast later,” he grumbled, glancing toward the now-open door. The back of his mind still raced to put together the pieces of the mental puzzle that had become fractured overnight. He sighed and sat up beside his friend, hugging him from behind and resting his chin on the other’s shoulder. “Sorry about your shin,” he mumbled apologetically, resting his chin on the other man’s shoulder for a minute or two. He felt a bit guilty, considering his friend was probably in a bit of pain. Unlike himself, the other may have had a rough night, given the way he sat on the bed and the state of the sheets around them. “Looks like you had some fun,” he added, raising an eyebrow when his eyes caught sight of his best friend’s barely dressed companion. He shook his head and moved to sit by the other’s side and noticed the gleeful sparkle in his eyes after wondering aloud who the woman who had woken up next to him was. Liam loved Soren to death, but he would never understand the other male’s obsession with sex and his insistence that he should get laid more. He guessed sex was nice and all, but he would rather do it with someone he actually cared about and liked, as opposed to just any random person. He expressed his frustrating loss of memory and his friend merely blinked, probably internally laughing at his unfortunate circumstance.

Liam’s face flushed bright red when Soren mentioned that he had been “all over” a waitress who also happened to find him attractive. “I was?” he asked, scratching the side of his head, “Fuck, how do I not remember that?” He shook his head a bit, trying to ignore the childish comment that slipped from his roommate’s lips. “Dude, that metaphor is disgusting,” he replied, wrinkling his nose slightly. He never understood why people compared dicks to candy; it was extremely juvenile and, because of that, creepy as all fuck, when anyone looked at the comment in the context of the things that had happened in his life. He felt a cold chill travel up his spine and was jolted by his best friend grabbing his shoulders. “Dude, what the fuck are you doing?” Liam hissed, swatting at the side of Soren’s head but not actually hitting it, “Can you stop staring at my neck like that? It’s fuckin’ weird.” He raised his eyebrow when the other let out a soft growl and rolled his eyes, wondering what the other could possibly be thinking about. Finally, the other answered his question. Well, sort of. “Thanks man,” he grumbled sarcastically, “You’re such a huge help. What would I do without you?” His statements were punctuated by his friend shoving toward the edge of the bed. Much to his misfortune, Liam fell off the edge and onto the floor, right next to the blonde man who he assumed Soren had been referencing earlier. He stood up quickly, a flush covering his cheeks as he inched away from the other man, who lay face down on the floor. I hope he’s not dead, he thought to himself, letting out a help of surprise when the other tripped and made an uncomfortable noise. When the vampire straightened himself, the cat shifter turned his head and shielded his eyes from the other’s naked body. He would definitely admit that the other was attractive, but Jesus, it seemed like he always had his dick out. He picked up a pair of underwear off the floor and tossed it at the other blindly, “Could you at least put these on? I’ve seen your dick enough for a lifetime, thank you,” he growled, “And could you not take so much pleasure in something that terrifies me? Thanks.” Liam waited for Soren to put the underwear on before letting the other drag him out the door and toward his room.

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