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 i wanna scream until the words dry out
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last thing I said to you was I hated you: I loved you, and now it
Posted On: Aug 8 2017, 11:30 PM
Dress to impress. Julian had insisted. Does he even care what people think? The blonde man had scoffed at him. But he wasn't talking to Cecil. Not really. His snide remarks were directed at Julian's husband, Cecil's father uncle Zach, the ever-sympathetic one, and the one who stood a chance of getting Cecil to listen. Or, at least, that's what Julian seemed to think.

Rolling his eyes, Cecil slipped out of the house in an over-sized black hoody and baggy cargo pants, not bothering to give Zach any time to "convince" him not to. Cecil would never understand why his uncle put up with such a vexatious man.

Not that it mattered. Zach would calm Julian down. It was a rare day today. Both of his "parents" were home together- they wouldn't let him spoil it, would they? Probably not. After all, Arlo was working, and he was leaving giving the men the house to themselves. It was just as well.

Once he was out of sight he pulled out his phone, shooting a quick text to Arlo: 'Brat's not working today', then Noa: 'Can I stop by?' It was worth asking. With Noalani's energetic husband there was no telling if the family would even be home, honestly. Not that he would have minded. He didn't need company, he just needed a place to hide. 'Stop by' may have meant 'visit for a minute' some days, but today it was 'can I have a place to sleep' instead.

The truth was, life wasn't all that hard for the young, spoiled angel but that didn't stop fifteen-year-old Cecil from slinking into the Rocket Fuel Cafe, finding an empty table, and sitting sulkily while he looked over the familiar menu.
you've seen me smile, now you're gonna have to see me hurt
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ahm, hi. NOTES
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Posted On: Aug 31 2017, 11:06 PM
Lilium walks into the cafe, right hand applying gentle pressure to her left in an attempt to alleviate the cramps that came with too much archery. She loves the art, really, but even after all these years she has difficulty telling herself when to stop. With her own personal practice on top of the lessons she teaches, aches in her shoulders and hands were a near constant thing; she was fairly certain the staff at the local clinic were becoming a bit exasperated with her. Shaking her head at herself, she looks around the cafe, a smile already on her face as she prepares for her favorite pastime.

Surprise company!

People were fascinating to Lilium; no two people had the same story, or personality, or feelings, and she didn't think she would ever get tired of meeting someone new. It wasn't even part of her desire to earn another name; no, she just enjoyed the surprise that came with each new face. It was why, if she saw someone sitting alone, she'd often join mixed results. Sometimes she'd end up with a flirt; sometimes they'd ignore her until she went away. Sometimes, when she's lucky, they'd end up being friendly and she'd be able to strike up a conversation. Seeing a pale boy sitting alone at a table - ah, he seems rather grumpy - she slides into the seat across from him and offers a small, but genuine, smile.

"Long day?" She hopes he wasn't too annoyed at her interrupting whatever he was doing on his phone.

( @Seamus hiii i don't know if we've talked before but i'm Verv, nice to meet'cha c: )
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last thing I said to you was I hated you: I loved you, and now it
Posted On: Sep 19 2017, 11:20 PM
Cecil Vogel wanted to be angry. He wanted to pout his way through his meal, and then storm home in a huff if Noalani didn't tell him he could come over. He wanted to, but he wasn't going to. When Lilium slid into the seat beside him the huffy angel forgot he was angry for the smallest of seconds as his gaze met hers.

"Oh..." What kind of answer was oh? Shaking his head and scrunching his face in annoyance at himself, he tried again.

"You know, parents." He'd never admit it, but Cecil did call his uncle and Julian his parents to strangers. It was easier than explaining, and well, they were all he had. More important than them, though, was her. Had she missed how intensely Cecil was glaring at the menu? Did she miss his slouched posture, his tense body language? Clearly she did, or she was one of those charismatic people who didn't care, out to make a world a better place or... something. The weird thing was he wanted to figure out what exactly motivated her.

"How about you?" She didn't look grumpy to Cecil but that didn't mean she was happy, so it seemed worth asking.

[ ooc: my template's note line is pitifully small, oops. We haven't had the chance to meet, but thank you so much for replying! I'm so sorry it took me this long to get back to you. A friend I joined with decided this wasn't a good fit for her and I ended up on a different site briefly, but things have changed and I really wanna jump in here. <3 ]
you've seen me smile, now you're gonna have to see me hurt
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cheered up! NOTES
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