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 Bottom of Sobriety Bottles, Open
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Posted On: Jun 27 2017, 11:50 AM
Evelyn Knught ~ 25 ~ Faefolk
Evelyn couldn't believe she'd allowed her coworkers to talk her into coming to a bar. Thinking back to earlier that day, she understood why they were so happy and excited now. Being an architect at a design firm came with many responsibilities. One of which was to get clients and their jobs over other companies. The city had been looking for a company to design and construct a new and energy saving building. It wasn't a hard task to accomplish, but because it was for the city, every design firm was vying for it.

However, as the city's representative came in to hear the proposal for the project, they had been enthralled. Of course, Evelyn was the lead architect on this proposal and her ideas and design had left them in awe almost. After the meeting, they were told that the city would be in contact with their decision soon. And she had thought that they might get it. She hadn't really been able to tell that they enjoyed the presentation so much. It wasn't obvious to her that they would get the job and that was a good thing. No point being confident to see it crumble around you.

However, she was proven wrong, that her confidence should have been present more, as the city called back hours later to confirm that they would be putting them on retainer for the project. As her secretary took the call, all Evelyn could do was stand there and stare off into space blankly. They had gotten the job... this was the biggest design of her life... breathe... And then people were congratulating her and saying how they should go out and celebrate. At first, Evelyn didn't want to be a part of these celebrations as they typically involved drinking. Something she wasn't wanting to do. While she had switched to a mood stabilizer that allowed her to drink, it wasn't recommended as her mental state couldn't be confirmed to stay stable.

However, as she was currently sitting at the table, sipping at her orange juice, she thought that she must be weak-willed or something. How had they convinced her to join anyways? Looking around the bar at her coworkers who were making toasts and raising their glasses, she smiled. This was nice, even if it felt a little exclusive. They were getting drunk, and yet she wouldn't. But hey, at least she was here, right?

Getting up from the table to get another round of drinks, Evelyn approached the bar and placed her coworkers' orders. She had landed the account and yet she was the one getting the drinks. Shaking her head, she looked over and wondered what else she could do while they got plastered. "This might suck more than I thought," she mumbled more to herself.
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Lonely is the night without the howl of a wolf.
Posted On: Aug 17 2017, 06:18 PM

no one will ever change
this animal i have become
Drinking was one of her favorite pastimes. There was nothing quite like getting blindly drunk -- it helped to block out memories both painful and otherwise. Because really, what use were memories? Even the good ones just had a tendency to fuck you up, making you wish for the good times. It was easy to ignore that she was completely dissatisfied with her proverbial muzzle plunged into a glass of something strong enough to make her sinuses ache with every inhalation. Tonight was a good night for that. Naenia had just finished setting up her new tattoo parlor in Occulte City's commercial district, and she was planning a grand opening for a couple days down the line.

For now? She was celebrating. If you could call it that. Lurking at the bar with a drink in her hand, alone and growling at anyone that came near, wouldn't likely be considered 'celebrating' by most. But it was how she preferred to spend her time. She didn't like people unless she was putting ink on them, magical or otherwise.

But she was nothing if not a curious creature. A scent, pure and clean, untainted by the scent of alcohol -- and thus standing out from the rest of the bodies in the bar -- reached her nose, causing it to twitch. Golden eyes swung over, peering from behind a fringe of white lashes and equally white hair, to peer at the individual (Woman? Girl? ..She looked too young to be legally able to drink.) who had posted up nearby to get more drinks for her coworkers. Crimson tattoos undulated across her bare arms, glinting wetly in the low light of the bar, as Naenia unconsciously leaned closer and took a deep inhalation through her nostrils.

"..What kind of person goes to a bar and doesn't drink?"

The words were growled, a clear indication of her lupine nature, and her voice -- which was a rich alto -- held a vague hint of an accent. Perhaps European. It elongated her vowels and gave a slight roll to her R's, making her sound exotic. Between that, her pretty face, and her voluptuous figure, many people found Naenia quite attractive. She couldn't care less. She wanted nothing to do with anyone.

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