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 no rest for the wicked, open
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Posted On: Jun 28 2017, 07:39 AM
Arya didn't know where she'd be without the Campus Café. Even though she had an apartment close by, the Winters' heir preferred the atmosphere of the Café and the amazing brews they offered. She had a good coffee-machine at home as well but it didn't compare to what the trained baristas here could offer her.
And Arya couldn't function without her coffee.

At some point last semester, a few weeks before exam-phase, she'd actually looked up how much caffeine she could take in before dying. And though the dose was high, some 100 cups of coffee a day, at least, she'd tried to take it down a notch.

And it had worked, for the most part of the following semester. But some important tests were coming up and Arya just couldn't afford to do bad on them.
So she spent her time in the Campus Café, nursing her third cup of hot black coffee in two hours on a Friday evening, looking through the homework she had due on monday.
The homework had been done since wednesday but there was one extra problem she just couldn't solve. She'd tried all of the formulas she could find in her Advanced Physics book and tried to combine some of them too but that hadn't worked either.

Annoyed, Arya sighed, closed the thick book and leaned back in her chair - as much as she could with her white wings between her back and the cushion of the chair. Maybe she should take a break?
She reached down to her bag and took out a pack of cigarettes, a lighter and her phone. Maybe one of her classmates had solved the equation already. With her gaze unfocused as she was lost in thought, Arya swung herself up and almost crashed into someone. Just barely did she catch them by the arm, keeping the both of them from toppling over.
"Fuck, I'm sorry?" She offered sheepishl, waiting for a reaction. Arya didn't just want to go - that'd be rude - but she wouldn't stand to be yelled at either.

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