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 Swimming Lessons, Open
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Posted On: Jun 28 2017, 03:43 PM
Arden Sargend ~ 30 ~ Merfolk
Arden had been hosting swimming lessons at Mazi Academy for some time now. He mostly taught small children how to swim but did teach older children as well. He would start with them from a young age and would get them to a proficient level of swimming, at which point they could start training to be lifeguards. Of course, Arden wasn't a full-time faculty member at the school. In fact, he was still on a probation period to see his techniques and teaching abilities. If he passed this probation period, he would be hired as the part-time swimming coach for the school. It wasn't his passion to swim for a living, but it was something he was good at. Heck what was he thinking, all merfolk were good at swimming. This was just something that he'd found for now. It paid the bills and that was important.

However, that didn't mean he slacked off or lost interest in what he was doing. He was teaching children and needed to be patient and attentive. For some, this was their first time swimming and if he weren't paying attention for just a moment, they could be in danger. He took his responsibility here very seriously.

Walking out of the change room in a pair of mage-made, mer swim trunks, he started to stretch his arms out a bit. He had invested in the pair of swim trunks as they were able to disappear as soon as he was submerged in water, without tearing. Up until this job, Arden had only gone swimming privately. He'd never invested in such a thing before because he had no need for them. But seeing as he was now a potential teacher, he couldn't afford to risk being seen naked after leaving the water. The swim trunks were snug and hung low on his hips as he walked over to the side of the pool and blew a whistle from around his necl. Today was designated for new swimmers. "Line up please," he motioned in front of him, showing the children to line up side by side in front of him.

He waited and smiled as the children lined up before looking down to a clipboard with the registered students in his class today. Once everyone had lined up, he started to go through the names on the clipboard one at a time. Everything was going as per usual until he got to the last name on the random ordered list. Calling it out, he was surprised to hear a deeper, more mature sounding voice. That didn't sound like a child. He looked up and saw the other and grew curious. He definitely wasn't a kid, that was for sure. Arden had never been a good judge of people's age, but he knew for certain this individual had definitely passed puberty. Walking over to the oldest individual in this class, he smiled. "Here for swimming lessons?" he asked gently, sounding friendly as he did. Even though he was used to teaching children, that didn't mean he couldn't teach older people.
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