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Posted On: Jul 15 2017, 11:36 PM
This was the dawn of a new day. The sun broke over the horizon and Theo started to wonder why in the living hell he was awake so early in the morning. He stretched his arms above his head, sitting up in his hotel bed, and yawned. His jaw cracked and he cringed, swearing slightly as he slid out of bed and slipped his feet into his slippers. His hotel had literally the best view of Occulte City thanks to Mickey. He texted all four of his sugar daddies a very sweet good morning with an added extra thank you to each for the cash he'd received in order to make this trip as comfortable as possible.

The only thing that sucked was the theory that this meant they all knew he was now willing to travel far away distances, and would probably be even more bombarded with requests to go to them, rather than they come to him. He puffed out his cheeks at the thought and walked into the bathroom, stripping on his way and turning on the hot spray. He showered languidly, his phone chiming with music surprisingly loudly. He did a few impressive dance moves once he got out, towel around his waist, and already missed the dance studio.

No need to fret though, surely if this didn't work out he'd be home soon enough right?

He dressed in tight skinny jeans and an overlarge sweatshirt with sleeves long enough to cover his fingertips, sliding off one of the shoulders and sending a picture message to each of his daddies featuring a sugary sweet smile.

Honestly? Life was pretty great right now.

He thought about the people in the world who were less fortunate than himself and shook his head. He'd clawed his way to where he'd gotten, at least in theory. You'd never imagine the sugar baby business being so cutthroat but he'd definitely had to push to be where he was, balancing four men on his fingertips.

He left the bed for the maids to make, grabbed his phone and bag, and left with a hand brushed hurriedly through his hair. He was still early so he had some time to kill. Better than being late though right? So he went and had breakfast at the closest local cafe, enjoying a chocolate croissant and a cup of coffee as the sun rose higher and higher in the sky. Another day in paradise he assumed for most of the people living here. It made him smile though, in a way.

He kept his ear theoretically to the ground as he sat there sipping on his coffee, brushing crumbs from his fingertips. Supposedly there was a man cheating on his wife, a woman betraying her friends, other useless unimportant information that he loved to use and twist to his own desires. He smirked to himself, sliding on his sunglasses as the sun got too high in the sky to ignore now, and paid. Still, he loitered, languidly finishing his coffee and waiting until the shops started to open up.
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