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Posted On: Jul 16 2017, 12:06 AM
Tonight was another night on the clock, not that Naus minded. She stretched herself, taking extra care to flex her prosthetic around and make sure it was up to date. The intricate prosthesis was stilla bit hard to use at times, but she was getting better the more she used it. She flexed and stretched until her body was loose and lax, then grabbed her squirt bottle full of oil.

Tonight she was a fire breather, they were giving her more time to learn the ropes of acrobatics before putting on a show. The show wasn't actually due to start for about half an hour, but people were allowed to loiter around and watch the set up. She passed by the tiger act and hummed softly, making kissy faces at her favorite big cats.

The tigers rumbled deep in their chests in response and brushed against the cage. Naus laughed and continued on, she was getting to know everyone here really well so far. She was happy for what seemed like the first time in years. Sure, she still ached and mourned for her lost life and family, but she was healing.

It was a slow process.

She set up in the main area, and grabbed a torch. She practiced spitting a few times, trying to make the finest mist possible, and eventually got it down enough to light it up. The flare's heat was intense, but she was prepared to sweat through it. It's why she wore a black tubetop and black shorts. Less chance to get too overheated.

She began her act shortly after, amazing the crowds by spitting fire into the air in intricate ways. She did a few tricks, sweat her ass off, then eventually ended the performance with a major fireball and a bow.
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