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 I'm innocent! I swear!, Harsh Language and some law breaking!
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"Don't you ever stick your hand in the snake's mouth. Some of them don't like to let go once they get ya.
Open Posted On: Jul 24 2017, 11:36 PM
Fintan Gujic
Fintan jittered and chuckled to his self uncontrollably as he finished the last bit of the word 'cunt' on the side of the train, in big letters, on an abandoned end of a train yard, where deconstruction or relocation processes had yet to begin on some old train cars. It was dark as hell, and he was more than sure that there were a few fuck ups somewhere in there, but he felt... jittery tonight, and he couldn't care less.

He quickly slammed the empty can of spray paint into his backpack and started hobbling off the same way he came in, he quickly climbed over a fence and continued his way into the darkness, sliding down the side of a storm drain, staying in the bottom of it for a while. When the paint was dry, the heat would calm down, that's usually how it worked. He needed to get back home and ditch his back pack though, where the evidence could easily be concealed as just some normal spray paint cans he used to coat the rusted and beat up car that he had fixed up and called his own.

It took some effort, thanks to his peg leg, but he made it to the top of the large storm drain. He was much stronger than his appearance let on, and that was usually a mistake a lot of people made when it came to sizing him up. To assume he was weak, tch, he didn't need them. He tightened the belt on his raggedy cargo shorts, and fixed his tank top while hobbling down the dimly lit street that ran parallel to the train station. So far, so good.
Lost cause without a cause.
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