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 Quiet melody
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Open Posted On: Aug 28 2017, 12:12 AM
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when words fail
Music speaks.
Devyn sighed tapping her pencil in frustration on her notebook as her eyes scanned the music program on her laptop. She was attempting to piece together a mashup but she couldn’t quite get the sound right. After sitting in the library for almost 2 hours with barely anything to show for it, she finally gave up and closed out of the program being sure to save it before lightly smacking her head off the table with a muffled groan.

“What is up with me? I cant focus..” she slowly raised her head keeping her chin on the table looking at the lyrics that were now on the screen from the song she was writing last night. A small smile came to her face as she read over the lyrics. A simple love son,g she didn’t usually write those, but for some reason last night something gave her the motivation. She sat up straight looking at the unfinished song in front of her again.

‘I may not be able to focus on the mashup but I should be able to at least finish this..’ she thought to herself as she began subconsciously to hum to tune as she began working. Lightly tapping her pencil in rhythm to the song with her headphones still resting on her head she began to work,jumping between writing the score and lyrics.

♥ spenny
♥art by duskyuy
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