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 03. The Soulmate Philosophy
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Posted On: Oct 5 2014, 09:40 PM
Every soul is tethered to another, whether they be of two people, three, or perhaps more. There are multiple theories surrounding this, plenty pertaining to religion and others pertaining to the scientific explanation of atoms separated during the Big Bang merely finding one another again. But one thing is certain: the soulmate bond cannot be changed.

In most cases, it's obvious when someone has found their soulmate. The warm and electric sensation is practically undeniable. Sometimes it takes longer for others to come around to accepting the idea. There seems to be little method behind the madness of soulmate ties. Soulmates are seen all around the world of various species and genders, nationalities and backgrounds, so it's entirely possible for a species with a short lifespan to have a soulmate with a long lifespan.

The process to avoid this is called the Soul Bonding Ritual, which is explained more in depth below. It ties together the two souls and makes them share the lifespan of the species half that lives longer, though this could come with a price. Bonded soulmates are tied together at the soul. If one dies while they are bonded, there is a very high chance the other soulmate will die shortly after. The survival rate is barely 10%.

The Soul Bonding Ritual does not grant any powers or changes in physical traits. They are only sharing a lifespan, nothing more. Finding one's soulmate is seen as the ultimate life goal in today's day and age, but there are many who don't. The staff on AOM do not match up characters with others for the members; it's done purely by member-driven plots.

soul bonding ritual
The Soul Bonding ritual is an extremely intimate process between soulmates. Each ritual can be personalized to the liking of those involved; it can also be included in a traditional marriage or done as a completely separate ceremony. Before the ceremony is performed, however, a rope must be made. A ropemaker, trained for years, will begin with a special white thread, weaving the strands as they speak old Latin incantations. As they do this, the rope takes on the colors that represents the souls of the soulmates being bonded.

The rope has a center knot, sometimes decorated with a charm, and there are "tail ends" to the ropes, one for each soulmate. Two soulmates would have two ends, three would have three ends, and so on and so forth. During the ceremony, a person trained to bond souls leads the two soulmates through the ancient Latin verses as they hold tight to the rope ends tied around their wrists. The incantations tie their souls together permanently.

Going through the Soul Bonding Ritual is a heavy commitment, because it cannot be undone as a marriage can be undone with a divorce. This ritual will not work on those who are not soulmates, which is usually discovered during the process of getting their rope. It's unfortunate, but there have been plenty of instances of those so in love they believe they are soulmates, that their hearts are broken the moment that rope doesn't change color.

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