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 02. Plot & Setting
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Posted On: Oct 5 2014, 09:41 PM
the plot
The manner in which Earth was created, whether by a religious entity or through a scientific phenomenon, has been debated for ages. It is, however, a known fact that each species today had begun to flourish on its surface since nearly seventy-five thousand years ago. Over time before then, they have populated and evolved, bonded souls through sacred Soul Marriage rituals, and have formed into the societies that are now seen in this present day.

But life today is far more peaceful than it used to be. About 2,800 years ago, tensions between the species of more primitive times erupted into full blown war. They formed tight-knit societies comprised mostly of a single species, and anyone not that species was generally looked down upon, if not turned into a slave, given they were weak enough. Some groups were refuge for all species, but everyone fought for something:

Food. Territory. Survival. Dominance. Peace.

The war waged on ruthlessly for centuries; people of all species were slaughtered in droves. As time passed, though, all sides grew weak and weary. There are many prominent peace-seeking figures from this time, but the most recognizable is Elyra Baines, a white Kitsune queen who took anyone into her home and sought for an end to the madness, in alliance with other kingdoms also striving for peace.

Overwhelmed and exhausted, each leader attended a peace meeting, where a treaty was signed and a truce was reached. This was nearly 1,500 years ago, and though the fighting affected most of the world, the peace affected all of it. It was an uneasy truce, at first, but Earth and all of its inhabitants needed time to heal. The large wounds gashed open by hatred slowly began to close, turning into scars that have now faded to print and story, to be learned about in classes and from textbooks.

Many seek to preserve the peace, hope to teach future generations to learn from their own mistakes, but there are some who wish to segregate all, to make each species "pure" again. But there is so little chance that they will ever manage to produce a small spark. Now, the world is focused on the one thing that was so important to it long ago:


The year is now 2017. Finding your soulmate is one of the most talked about things in the world. To find your soulmate and to have the opportunity to bond with them is considered to be one of the most wonderful accomplishments of a person's life. Of course, that isn't always the case for everyone.

Some never find their soulmate. Some that do find their soulmate actually hate theirs. Some even have more than one soulmate. Such is the case for many students at Mazi Academy and the residents of the city in which it resides. It is a prestigious, world-famous school that provides excellent education for all species of many ages. Occulte City, Pennsylvania has grown into a massive city because of the attention it has gained in the last several decades since the current headmistress took over.

Soulmates are waiting all around the world to meet, strung along by fate until their paths cross. What happens there is up to chance. Welcome to Occulte City. What brings you to town?

the setting
Occulte City is a bustling, popular, and essentially famous city that rests on the coast of Pennsylvania, USA, nestled between a beach and mountains. It takes up quite a bit of space, towering buildings and sleek, modern designs. It rivals New York City in size. Nature bursts brightly in the background, however. A backdrop of tall mountains and ragged cliffs rests behind the up-to-date city. At the base of those mountains is Mazi Academy, the pride and joy of the city that many students come for.

Occulte City is affected by every season in full. Spring brings beautiful flowers and the singing of birds, summer brings a blistering heat and common thunderstorms, fall brings warm colors and the chilling of the atmosphere, and winter brings the breath-taking view of everything coated in a fresh layer of snow. Animals roam the area, and people often wonder if it's truly an animal or one of the many species that live in the city and on Academy grounds.

It's a diverse, beautiful world, constantly working and spreading to gain more ground, to become bigger, to become better. Every species working practically hand in hand to further the faculties of the city.

A unique thing about Occulte City is that it rests on the ocean-- so what happened to New Jersey? In 1945, during the second world war, there was a scrap between a few elementals. A minor disagreement turned into a state-wide evacuation as powers became out of control and the military awaited reinforcements to contain them. By the time reinforcements arrived, however, it was too late and the entire state of New Jersey was sunk several hundred feet below the surface. The tops of its tallest buildings now rest over a hundred feet beneath the surface, and it's become a sort of piece in history.

New Jersey is still considered a state, however, and is mostly occupied by merfolk, among other water-dwelling creatures. Around thirty years ago, they began to rebuild and clean and modernize what areas they could; many merfolk seem to flock here. Not all of the underwater Atlantis is occupied. Much of it is still untouched and trapped in time. The population merely isn't large enough to cover it. Although, there is profit there, as tours are provided.

mazi academy
Note: you are not required to make a character that attends the academy.

A prestigious academy containing both high school and college years, it acts much like a college in terms of admission and function. There is a tuition that varies from $10,000 to $20,000 for two semesters of classes, but financial aid and scholarships are plentiful. Before worrying about tuition, one must apply to the academy and wait for acceptance or rejection. The academy does not go seeking out students and leaves itself open for people of all ages to apply. There is no uniform, but every years is assigned a "class color" that can be found in the campus store. Students typically gain entrance into the academy at age fourteen, but every now and then do some enter at age thirteen.

First Year: High school freshman (13-15 yrs); their color is red.

Second Year: High school sophomore (15-16 yrs); their color is orange.

Third Year: High school junior (16-17 yrs); their color is yellow.

Fourth Year: High school senior (17-18 yrs); their color is green.

Fifth Year: College freshman (18-19 yrs); their color is blue.

Sixth Year: College sophomore (19-20 yrs); their color is indigo.

Seventh Year: College junior (20-21 yrs); their color is violet.

Eighth Year: College senior (21-22 yrs); their color is black.

Ninth Year: College graduate (22-23 yrs); their color is grey.

Tenth Year: College graduate (23-24 yrs); their color is white.

In the case of students outside this typical age range (displayed in the parenthesis above), they can opt to be placed in their first year or take a placement test to place in another year; this only happens after acceptance of their application. A student can only transfer from another school after acceptance as well. There are dorms, which are not co-ed, but they are not required to be lived in while attending the Academy.

Mazi Academy is also highly popular for its clubs. As large as the academy is, it tries to have enough for people to do. It offers every possible activity one could probably think of. There are no such things as "teams", only clubs. Even the sports groups are technically labeled as clubs rather than teams. They can call themselves teams if they want, but they are labeled as clubs. Clubs are not pre-set by AOM staff and are member-driven plots.

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